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  1. HenryChinaski

    north star deserter -rz
  2. HenryChinaski

    Pink Floyd auction anybody like the floyd?
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    newer Bruce Bickford montage by yours truly

    or you can check out some of my other videos here: more Bruce Bickford content coming soon. I'll have a couple unavailable line animations up too. thanks for looking, -ryan
  4. HenryChinaski

    The Great War For Civilisation by Robert Fisk

    anybody read this? I need a copy. Willing to work out a good deal, Bukowski wise or other. Just need to get a copy of this book without paying an arm and a leg. thanks for looking. any assistance would be greatly appreciated. -ryan
  5. HenryChinaski

    Need lost titles for my Bukowski Archives

    To much sadden and dismay, I have found a few works in my Bukowski collection that just "happened" to come up missing. Please help me guys. I don't feel right without them. I am looking for nothing special, just cheap reading copies of these books...because I'm super low on funds as in, I have...
  6. HenryChinaski

    I'm back from Bruce Bickfords basement

    I've been gone for a while. I was on a train for 6 24hour periods. Met some crazy people. Am now Bruce Bickford's intern. Shot some interviews and will post them when I get my firewire. Took over 500 photographs that I will also post a link to. Now I'm back at home with less than...
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    Birthday Wishes to Our Dear Father Luke

    Yes sir, November 7th is the day. Happy birthday Father Luke. Everybody else has birthday threads so I figure you should to. Now, everybody else tell him how great he is.
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    ahahahah 'Fetch' by our dear Father Luke ahahahhah true story.
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    Seattle Bound (road block ahead)

    Yes guys, this is very much true. I seem to have hit a road block. Not financially able. Amtrak is a rapist. What's a guy to do? Sell more books? Get a job? OR HAVE A BAKE SALE?! Travle isnt cheap. Fuck man. Any ideas? Help a brother out guys. I NEED IDEAS FOR FUND...
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    Buk bobble-head are you kidding me?
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    Bukowski Chat

    mjp, I was curious. Would it be possible to set up a chat room on It would be a good way for users that are currently online to chat directly with other users ya know, just right on the spot. It's just a thought. Maybe lots of people would be interested and this topic might have...
  12. HenryChinaski

    My Bukowski hardcover collection for sale!

    EVERYTHING MUST GO!!! all hardcovers
  13. HenryChinaski

    CRUCIFIX IN A DEATHHAND, you be the judge. listed as in "good" condition, i think not.
  14. HenryChinaski

    Dangling in the Tornefortia, 1st Ed. 1981 pb

    I'm parting with a very fine copy of Dangling In The Tornefortia. Thought I'd come here first. I'm not even sure what a soft cover in near fine condition goes for these days but if somebody makes me an offer we can go from there. The spine is yellowing and has very litte reading wear. For some...
  15. HenryChinaski

    Bruce Bickford, master of clay animation

    Thought maybe some of you guys would be interested in this. THE ANIMATED UNIVERSE OF BRUCE BICKFORD (Excerpted from an article in ANIMAC Magazine) By Brett Ingram Bruce Bickford is a sixty-one-year-old animator who achieved cult status during his collaboration with Frank Zappa during...
  16. HenryChinaski

    John Fante: "The Wine Of Youth" Hardcover 1st ed. trade

    anyways, I have one of these up for grabs. I'll post pictures in the very near future. Any idea of what a hardcover 1st ed of this in fair condition would go for? I'm really just looking for a little extra scratch for a few debts. Theres one of these listed on abe at $200. Mine isnt in mint...
  17. HenryChinaski

    Charles Bukowski by Barry Miles

    Okay guys, so I've been reading this book and it's pretty okay. But, some question have come up that I must ask and see if there are any copies or known copies of certain stories and poems. Miles says that Buk made several appearences in Matrix. One story is called: "The Reason Behind...
  18. HenryChinaski

    The Ordinary Madness of Charles Bukowski: BBC Doc

    after looking at that one interview I found this: never been on youtube before. first time seeing this. I'll let you know. EDIT: OH WAIT, THIS WAS ON YAHOO BEFORE. NOW ITS ON YOUTUBE. GREAT DOCUMENTARY.
  19. HenryChinaski

    Signed Hollywood on Ebay for some reason, I just don't know about this one. what do you guys think?
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    Modern Day Factotum

    Hey guys, this isn't just any kind of thread. This is one for inspiration. Let me think of how to put this. I've started a new job... and to be quite honest, I feel a lot like a factotum. I've had loads of jobs all my life but man, one begins to feel the strain. It seems as though your life is...
  21. HenryChinaski

    Ask The Dust, Black Sparrow Press Hardcover

    anybody interested? not to sure what it's worth. ex-library, couple marks, no acetate jacket though. pub page says it's a fifth. condition is pretty good though. PM me if you want it. if nobody here is interested, maybe one of you fellows could advise me as to how much i can get for it...
  22. HenryChinaski

    Al Purdy

    Okay, we know that they were friends. I've read my copy of The Bukowski/Purdy Letters, (thank you mjp) and I'm about to re-read it. I'm very much going to try to find his poetry, books, word, etc. Where do I start? The Caribou Horses? I can't really find anything very cheap on abe. Am I...
  23. HenryChinaski

    Chapter 13/14 in Ham On Rye

    Okay so I've started re-reading Ham On Rye for the umpteenth time and I guess I never really noticed this but Henry gets hit by a car. Does anybody know if this actually happened or if he just made it up to make the novel more entertaining? I've never heard or seen any kind of footage where...
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    Barfly trailer

    I dunno if you guys have seen this or not, but here's the trailer. its pretty badass.
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    More Fundraising.