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    Betting on the Muse - magazine column sources

    seems that I forgot about this one when the lists for the others were created. or maybe just ignored it since I didn't have too much information. hopefully someone else does... Confessions of a Coward ? A Nickel ? The Unaccommodating Universe Oui, May 1985 Ransom L.A. Free Press, September...

    Hot Water Music - magazine column sources

    Less Delicate than the Locust ? Scream when you burn NOLA #91, October 7-20, 1971 A couple of gigolos ? The great poet ? You Kissed Lilly High Times, September 1984 Hot lady ? It’s a dirty world Open city no. 52 May 1-14, 1968 900 pounds L.A. Free Press, v. 10, no. 46 (issue 487) November...

    Septuagenarian Stew - magazine column sources

    Septuagenarian Stew only the short stories for now. based on Digney's list with some additions. Son of Satan Oui, vol. 14, no. 11, November 1984 The Life of a Bum ? A Day ? Vengeance of the Damned ? Action Oui, vol. 14 no. 8, August 1985 The Jockey High Times, July 1983 Camus High Times...

    Erections, Ejaculations, Exhibitions... - magazine column sources

    Erections, Ejaculations, Exhibitions… (the first person to fill in all the blanks receives a very, very cheap bottle of wine!) again, thanks to Digney for many of these! The Most Beautiful Woman In Town NOLA #81, 1971 Kid Stardust On The Porterhouse ? Life In A Texas Whorehouse NOLA #68...

    South of No North - magazine column sources

    don't know if each book should have their own thread or if there is even any interest in this, but for example South of no North would look like this: (thanks to Digney for many of these) Loneliness NOLA #117, October 20-November 2, 1972 Bop Bop Against That Curtain L.A. Free Press, Marts 23...

    Notes of a Dirty Old Man - magazine column sources

    does anyone have a list of where and when the columns from the original 'notes of a dirty old man' first appeared? 'more notes...' list everything, but the old doesn't tell.

    King of Poets/Cassette Gazette

    anyone with any info about these poems from that album? 'my father' 'the lesbian' 'like that' never found them in any print; books, magazines, manuscripts... probably wrong forum... sorry.

    is there a greater conspiracy at work here?

    hello. long time reader,first time poster. does anyone know the name of this poem: is there a greater conspiracy at work here? alone right now at this machine typing out the mundane moments of the day illuminating words and ideas in short uneducated scribbles have they taught me anything...