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  1. zoom man

    Shedding this addiction, and getting the most from it

    Michael, btw, congratulations on the Wormy sales... Bad title for a thread, sorry; certainly an e-mail title that I wouldn't open up. Pretend that you've bought a 1-way ticket to, "... a small drinking town that has a fishing problem." You leave a week from tonight and you need a lot more...
  2. zoom man

    Death Notices Imminent for some signed/limited edition books

    Is there a database where I should report their demise? About a week ago I hurriedly dropped off 4 boxes of books at a friend's place and planned on going back, in again, about a week, to properly store them. She had me leave them on a floor in the spare bedroom. So, a mutual friend calls me...
  3. zoom man

    Panama City

    Has anyone been there? My life has turned insanely crazy these last couple of months.... I'm thinking about going Ex-Pat again (Although I'd need a home for my Bukowski books, +). I hear it's the Abu Dahbi of the Americas....
  4. zoom man

    An appraisal of the new poet laureate, Philip Levine, mentions Bukowski

    Here's the full article Here's the Bukowski reference -> He's no Bukowski. Mr. Levine once said: "I'm so weary of that anti-intellectual stance: I'm just standing here...
  5. zoom man

    Catches My Heart Association Copy No Reserve

    Please check out my cool auction; I hope someone here wins, or a wealthy Saudi Prince in Dubai :). Truly is a beautiful book; hard to photgraph its uniqueness. No Reserve kids.... Thanks
  6. zoom man

    all the things I don't want to do

    Like go to India, visit the dentist (etc.). What poem is it where he lists all these trivial (and some popularly aspired to do) things that he doesn't ever care to do ?, (not sure if either of the 2 above are included, but close, methinks) it's been driving me crazy for around a month +...
  7. zoom man

    "All the Love of Me Goes Out to Her " (for A.M.)

    The A.M. is of course Ann Menebroker Is this poem collected anywhere? I've checked Aaron and the database here all to no avail (the title sounds so damned familiar... is it his ode to Jane? that I'm thinking with a similar title I've got a lousy scan of the poem (that Ann said she...
  8. zoom man

    Send just a few quid and *maybe* win a publishing contract

    This is from my gf in England, Beckie-> Dog Horn Literature & Art Prize Announced! Worldwide / Artform: combined arts, interdisciplinary arts, literature, visual arts / Contact: Adam Lowe Description Poets, short story writers and artists are invited...
  9. zoom man

    Houle Rare Books in LA

    Is anyone familiar with George Houle? I've got an appointment with him tomorrow and would love to know what to expect. I'm bringing some Buk stuff with me to either sell/consign or move up to better and/or different Buk stuff... This guy seems to have a helluva varied Bukowski collection...
  10. zoom man

    Writing course in London.. I know, I know

    Buk hated the idea of a creative writing course, but this chick is very cool and I'd like to help spread the word. PM if you'd like the PDF and word Doc. Here's what she sent me-> Hi Dog Horners! This is R L Royle, Dog Horn's original founder and author of Lucy's Monster and Eleven...
  11. zoom man

    2 Letters to Steve Richmond

    Thanks mjp and chronic for helping me make these available to the good folks here... Can anyone tell me if either of these are collected in a book? I had them sent to me out of my NY storage place, wanting to sell them But now that I have them, I of course don't want to sell :eek...
  12. zoom man

    X-Ray #9 & 10

    I would say they are both Fine or Near Fine (almost As New really, I've only opened them up 2 or 3 times), but I'm no book rater. And truly, if you've never seen these before, you're in for a treat for they both really are an example of a publication serving as an art form in of itself...
  13. zoom man

    Cruelty of Loveless Love

    Shit, OK, my liquidation has come to fruitation, hA... > Book Description: Kunst Editions, NY, 2001. Hard Cover. Book Condition: > Very Fine. Dust Jacket Condition: N/A. Gannij, Joan Levine > (illustrator). First Edition. Folio - over 12\" - 15\" tall. Copy is \"H.C.\" The > edition...
  14. zoom man

    Good buyers

    Looks like I'm flying one-way to my childhood home in upstate NY (and yes, abosolutely dreading it) then (and as quickly as possible, ditching and) driving cross-country with about 13+ big boxes of collectible books, the only thing I left there. Can anyone recommend a great buyer of...
  15. zoom man

    Collectible Buk Offed

    Well, I hate to be the one to start such a tread, But it looks like 2 of my favorite owned collectible Buk books were 'thrown out' While I was away on a 2 week 'lost weekend'. (one was a 1 of only 1 '"Printer's Copy".) It seems like this forum is the perfect place for recountability of...
  16. zoom man

    Mark SaFranko

    Has any1 ever read (or even heard of) Mark SaFranko? Look at this blurb -> "I know why I write. I write because I must. I cannot stop. I'm driven by rage and insanity and crushing ambition. Mark SaFranko scares people like me. I believe the guy would rather write than breathe. I envy his...
  17. zoom man

    Novels that drop Buks name posthomously

    Yeah, I'm reading a 'new' book that just mentioned our man And it kind of started mixed feelings. Anyway, So thought I'd start this thread.... Los Angeles by Peter Moore Smith 2005 page 160 -> "Farther over, on the backstreets of West Hollywood, people shopped for groceries and sex...
  18. zoom man

    ballerina at a bar joke

    Does anyone know this joke? I've been trying to find a drawing of a woman at a bar with hairy underarms (don't ask) and for the life of me, I can't. Can anyone please direct me to such a page (pic) on the net (do not 'google' hairy drunk woman ..... wow!) It's for a memorial I'm doing for a...
  19. zoom man

    Tom Waits and Johnny Brewton

    for those of you who like tom waits get his latest 3 CD set "orphans". it is waits @his best. try 2 get the limited edition. WHY? johnny brewton of x-ray press did art design, layout, etc. the cover is a 94 page hardcover book of waits lyrics, poems, pictures, etc. the best CD cover ever...
  20. zoom man

    Vinyl LP - Totally Corrupt (The Dial-A-Poem Poets) Ok guys, From left to right Who all's here? (I only recognize Burroughs and Ginsberg). I bet this would be a great listen..... Has anyone heard it?
  21. zoom man

    Roominghouse Signed... B Quick

    This is a great deal from a great seller... I'd do that Buy-It-Now real quick, And congrat myself.
  22. zoom man

    Presentation copies art

    Does anyone agree that Buk saved his best 'original signed paintings' For the Presentation Copies?!?! It would make sense to me, But I just don't know how that all woked. I have only one Presentation Copy, But it's from the 80's so just a signed print, I think... christ, have to get it...
  23. zoom man

    Early Uncharacteristic Abstract

    What all do you guys think of this? It's from Crucifix in a Deathhand. It seems like a highly unusuall 'drawing' but I haven't seen any other such early examples. (And what does it look like?!) Thanks for any and all input, Eric
  24. zoom man

    An Evil Town (1994)

    Has anyone seen this movie before? Or even heard of it? If anyone here does the Buy-It-Now option (I might) Please share....
  25. zoom man

    Most Fascinating.....