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    FS Bukowski Ulvis Alberts S/N Poster New #6/450 $35 Shipped

    Bought two of these posters new a while back, realized I have no need for two. Poster is new in the tube, I took it out to look at it and put it back in. The number is pretty low, #6/450. $35 shipped in the states, $40 internationally. PM me if this is for you. thanks. postflight.
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    That well known Pioneer Chicken in many Buk stories is now gone

    Drove by last week and the often Buk mentioned Pioneer Chicken in East Hollywood is now officially closed for business... It was an LA institution for many years, though has been on the decline for a long time (as long as I can remember it has been a sketchy place). At one time, you...
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    Bukowski by Taylor Hackford - documentary download

    cleaned it up a bit. about 220mb single quicktime file now. dl here, link fixed: [dead] i did the best i could with bad footage quality...brightened up and converted back to black and white, a lot easier to watch. If it appears too bright on your monitor, turn the monitor down a bit. The...
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    did this bukowski delongpre court link ever get posted?

    because i just saw it... if this was already posted, my apologies.