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  1. martyweil

    What are you listening to? The world really needs to know. Volume 8

    I am listening to these outstanding Spotify playlists: Blues Before Sunrise The Hound Blues Breakers
  2. martyweil

    What Are You Reading?

    In 1989, as a kid on his first job out of college, I had a business lunch at Musso and Frank's. At the time, I had no idea of its historic significance but I was told about it over that lunch by someone associated with the movie business. I could feel the history. The food was okay but the...
  3. martyweil

    Favorite Poet

    Since Buk is my favorite poet, it makes sense to spend time with others who find him equally talented and inspiring. Thanks for making me feel like I'm among friends here on the forum that bears his name.
  4. martyweil

    What Are You Reading?

    Chicago Breakdown - Mike Rowe (Excellent history of Chicago Blues) The Roominghouse Madrigals - Buk (Excellent collection of early poems)