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  1. Ninjerk

    Buying out of print books? (+my latest self portrait)

    So there are a number of out of print books about representational drawing/painting, illustration, and a multitude of other art-related subjects that I would kill to own. I briefly looked on Abebooks to see what they had available by Andrew Loomis (American illustrator) and from what I remember...
  2. Ninjerk

    Heat (Michael Mann movie) - Bukowski Reference?

    Towards the end of the movie, Val Kilmer's character's Camaro is registered (probably falsely) to a, "Bukowski, Gene." Anyone know if this is an actual reference?
  3. Ninjerk

    Legal question re:profit from celeb likeness

    I noticed a number of celebrity paintings featured by a coffee shop where I live ( including Audrey Hepburn, Liz Taylor, and members of the Rat Pack (plus a couple others, I think). The artist's name is Jordan Weiland ( There were no...
  4. Ninjerk

    An article you may find interesting... I found this while browsing Tucker Max's site for the first time in at least a year, and I found it quite interesting. It mentioned Charles Bukowski so I figured it was a shoe in for a topic here.
  5. Ninjerk

    The Road

    Pretty fantastic book, although I wish the ending had been more depressing.
  6. Ninjerk

    So am I grown up now?

    I finally did it. I dropped half a tray of iced tea during someone's wedding reception and I thought to myself, "Two years ago I would have had to convince myself that I wasn't completely embarrassed and should really consider quitting the restaurant scene." I was fine. It wasn't that I...
  7. Ninjerk

    The Ecstasy of Gold

    I can't stop listening to it. I wanted to share it on one of my message boards, and figured this would be the most appropriate place.
  8. Ninjerk

    I turned 21 on Tuesday...

    I drank a bottle of rum last night.
  9. Ninjerk

    Duchovny mentions Bukowski on Jay Leno

    Short Story: Leno commented that Duchovny started in theatre, Duchovny confirms and tells a story about doing a Bukowski short story on stage. I've not read the story, but I do remember him saying something about a mermaid and a couple of guys fucking a corpse in the ocean. If anyone saw it...
  10. Ninjerk

    To all the non supporting members...

    What do you suppose they're up to on the other side of the wall? Scheming about how to keep us down I'll wager. I just realized I'll be 21 in a month. EDIT: 2 months. I'm dumb.
  11. Ninjerk

    There's No Business?

    I found these little comic-book like things when I bought Factotum and Hollywood from Barnes and Noble, but I was afraid of what I might find in them. What the hell are they?
  12. Ninjerk

    Ask the Dust

    I just finished it (after letting it sit in my laptop bag for over a month after buying it). Very sad, especially since I'm in such crappy condition (mono). The only thing I really didn't like/understand was when he went on his Catholic dogma-trip. I really didn't understand if he was just...
  13. Ninjerk

    Tom Waits

    As much as I've heard everyone here talk about him I decided I'd give him a run. I started by searching on YouTube. The first thing that came up was a performance and an interview from 1976. What the fuck drugs was he on back then? He won't stop fidgeting around. Someone give him some...
  14. Ninjerk

    Things Fall Apart

    I was planning to write a rough draft of an essay about Chinua Achebe's Things Fall Apart, but I made the deadly mistake of checking out two critical perspective books with the novel itself and I'm afraid I've opened the floodgates. I keep looking at the picket-fence-prompt (why Achebe insisted...
  15. Ninjerk Results for "bukowski" (haha)

    "Bukowski was considered to be one of the great 'outlaw writers' of our time." Quite a few poems are listed. If I find anything else interesting I'll post it here.
  16. Ninjerk

    Went to my first rugby practice yesterday...

    ...and got suplexed on my head (I think he suplexed me... in any case my head hurt for a couple of hours). Can't wait for tomorrow (practice #2!).
  17. Ninjerk

    In Women, What is ATD?

    It's mentioned in chapter three.
  18. Ninjerk

    On The Road

    I read it over the course of a day or two in highschool and didn't think much of it. I'm reading it again, and I guess I like it a little better than I did then. Dean Moriarty acts like he's constantly high on cocaine. I have known people who think they're introspective and abstract geniuses...
  19. Ninjerk

    Good drinks?

    I've recently decided I like dark rum (Myers specifically as it's the first brand I've tried). I could tell just by smelling it that it could easily go in something cream based and be delicious. Any ideas?
  20. Ninjerk


    Ninjerk here, I guess this part of the forum is pretty recent. I'm 20 years old and am pursuing a Creative Writing bachelor (which I think I just might hate). Don't take me too seriously.
  21. Ninjerk

    Picture request

    Does anyone know where I can get a picture of Harrison Ford smoking in the cockpit of the Millenium Falcon? It was on the special that VH1 aired when either Episode III came out or when they released the new DVDs and I'm not sure if it's on the DVD.
  22. Ninjerk

    Concerning the Alphabet of Manliness (Tucker Max and feminazi blog ensue within)

    So I was trolling The Best Fanpage in the Universe and found Tucker Max's review (and that community's response to it) of Maddox's book. Somehow I ended up at some review of the book by a woman named Lafsky who maintains a blog at and wrote a freelance piece (which is...
  23. Ninjerk

    The DaVinci Code

    I was wondering if anyone here had read any appreciable amount of TDC. I read the first chapter and the factoid was interesting. However, I get the impression from the controversy over the book that Dan Brown has made inaccurate/misleading claims about historical events and it seems that the...