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    Once in a while you come across something that's to good to keep to yourself. My dear kid sister sent this to me, and I had to share it. We come from a dysfuntional family, and both relish seeing and hearing other's experiences with their demented relations...
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    Just came across this article in the NYT, and it got me thinking about the stuff and it's purported buzz. For years, I'd heard tales of just how powerful it was, and this and that. Then, a couple of years ago, an aquaintance returned from the Czech Republic with what he claimed to be the real...
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    Raymond Pettibon

    Any other fans of the artist Raymond Pettibon out here?, got to be, hell, I'll bet old Buk himself would/might have liked his stuff too. I slinked out of the suburbs today and headed in town for a bit. Stopped by an independant bookseller and saw this lovely volume put out by CFA Berlin of...
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    Joe Frank

    Hello everyone, don't know if this info is posted elsewhere here, I've been away from the board, and have not been keeping up... Anyhow, it's regarding Joe Frank, and his performances in Los Angeles in September. I believe they are all scheduled for Wednesday nights. I'm a fan, and on his...
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    The Ponies

    Watched the Belmont Stakes and was thinking about Buk, and his love for the track. Wondered if there are/were any of those fine beasts named after that famous poet, writer and parimutuel? Chinaski's Mailbag?
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    Just came aboard. Buk fan for a number of years, sort of lived the life (minus the writing) earlier on. Glad to be among fellow fans of the man.
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    Buk's Atlanta

    New to the board. New to the Atlanta area as well. Any clues as to where Buk lived during that miserable winter he mentions? Thanks.