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    Crucifix in a deathhand and it catches my heart in its hands

    "Crucifix$350.0/" it catches "$900.00 books are in good to better condition. Typical wear. No real damages or stains. I can provide more pictures if you are interested. I will be listing these on eBay in a couple of days. Pm with questions. Thanks.
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    Bukowski for sale

    Hello all, I have some Bukowski things for sale..(sigh).. I will auction them (and maybe more) on E-bay in about a week, but thought that I'd post them here first.. I think I have priced them fairly. I can supply pics of any item if someone is interested. I can be reached at...
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    Racist part in Post office

    Yeah well, I'm kind of offended about his derogatory remarks about Hippies and the underground presses that he wrote for. That was serious shit.. Revolution man. Hell, I just may stop reading that racist bastard. I think that if one reads enough Buk the positives out weigh the negatives when he...
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    Drugs & Alcohol

    Moderation...(it's kept me alive)
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    Noel Rockmore, Bukowski, Gypsy Lou Webb

    At 96 I think that you can say anything that you like.. just because.
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    Who would of thought...

    I sure hope that I'm wrong, but I have this feeling of de ja vu...and Kent State keeps coming to my mind. Lets hope history dosen"t repeat itself.
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    Love Is a Horse With a Broken Leg Trying to Stand While 45,000 People Watch

    huh, was just looking at the express this morning and somehow managed to miss this. I'm about 1/2 hr. from there..was looking for something to do tomorrow.. thanks Erik
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    Find the point of this video, win great prizes, IGNORE ALIEN ORDERS

    ok I made it to 1;21..sorry,I'm not going to be able to compete in this. I assume you must know the point though. Offering great prizes and all..I can"t wait to find out the answer.
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    American Juggalos high on life

    well fuck man..I mean what the fuck mother fucker?.just fuckinfuck man....
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    "guilty until proven innocent"...good ol' USA....
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    Levi's Ad - The Laughing Heart - All the Way to the Bank

    just read that Glen Beck is going to boycott levis because of this ad. Apparently it ran during monday night football? Fuck Glen Beck...
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    Best movie moments

    ah yes well,I congratulate you on your memory. Hell I can't remember much of 45 let alone 4 or 5..but viagra? not unless its some womans name...
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    Best movie moments

    Holy shit man! And I thought I was old..:)
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    Happy Birthday, Black Swan!

    From me too..Happy Birthday Black Swan
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    Magic Trip - (Ken Kesey's first LSD trip)

    I see this is playing here at a local theater on tuesday evening..will probably check it out.
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    Amy Winehouse Found Dead

    Damn shame, she would of had alot of soul if she would have give it time..but like MJP said, whooda thunk?.RIP Amy.
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    More inexplicable Scott Harrison "logic"

    yep, horizontal. I gave up reading them too.
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    josh rock for president 2012!
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    charles bukowski t-shirt

    Mmmmm..those look good....
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    What are you listening to? The world really needs to know - III

    Is this not the annerversary of her death?.. think this is who I heard on the radio today but could not catch the name..
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    Take that wikipedia!

    Too bad. I sure hope Josh Rock does...
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    Why you think I'm an old crank

    "And i think too of old men, sick of music, sick of everything"
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    What's the strangest thing that you have ever eaten?

    rattle snake, sundried octopus, crocodile. most all North American "game" animals. though I'm a vegetarian now.