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  1. Domator

    BoSP Book by Father Luke

    It's arrived today. Thanks Bill and Father Luke! I'm gonna read it soon.
  2. Domator

    U2 concert for BUK

    I was looking for bootleg from this concert but nobody from U2's fans in my country could help me. But it's strange that we wanna to watch some gig only for one dedication at the beginning :)
  3. Domator

    Vancouver reading

    It's arrived to me today. I'm still waiting for "The Last Straw". The DVD is great. Great job. But one thing pissed me off when i watched it. That stupid laugh, guy perhaps was near the camera. But it's ok, it's only a little thing. We watching it for the poetry and Bukowski :)
  4. Domator

    Bill Roberts - Bottle of Smoke Press - Appreciation thread

    I only heard about Bill's printed work. And then one day he send me some stuff from Bottle. Now i'm waiting for Father Luke's book and for sure it will be masterpiece just like that stuff. It's amazing for me. You just print some poets and you do it with great style. The most beautiful thing is...
  5. Domator

    Bunch of Bukowski Books for Sale

    I missed the same Bukfan! By the way Great offer Bill!
  6. Domator

    More Kiwis

    Welcome Boomernz! For a lot of us poetry is most important thing in Bukowski's art. Try to read it, it's not another boring shit from schools, believe me!
  7. Domator

    New Nick Cave vid

    I'm going to Cave's gig in Prague. You can listen to new album for free @ The Bad Seeds MySpace. Also the album was out earlier. I saw it in shops at the end of February. I want to buy it soon. And BTW, the Grinderman album was the best album of 2007 for me. Really.
  8. Domator

    BoSP Book by Father Luke

    Bill, I ordered one PB copy two days ago from your page (it was still available when i order it). Hope that you get my payment and everything is ok because i want read it soon ;)
  9. Domator

    Portions From a Wine-Stained Notebook

    I'd like to see totally new materials but it's perhaps impossible, especially from City Lights.
  10. Domator

    What are you listening to now?

    I'm listening to Jack Kerouac's Collection now. It's 3 CD poetry, prose and some haikus. He definitely can't sing.
  11. Domator

    What's he building? - Tom Waits

    Great song from great LP. I like Tom Waits, for me he is one of the biggest artist in this times. It's a guy who can record almost everything now. If you listen to all his records you know, that he's not afraid about music experiments. He got a vision about his music, he know how it should...
  12. Domator

    Seen any good movies lately? - Films you MUST see

    Father Luke, let us know if CONTROL is worth of watching, because i want watch it too. I saw "Coffee and Cigarettes" last time. Well, i drink coffee, i smoke a lot so it was pretty funny when i saw film only about this and heard a lot of stories about it. It's a good movie with boring moments...
  13. Domator

    New Bukowski reading DVDs

    Well, i've ordered this today and just can't wait. It looks just awesome. And who knows where exist (if exist) the rest of fantastic Buk's materials...
  14. Domator

    Bukowski in schools

    Lucky children, lucky you. I'm lucky too that i discovered Bukowski by myself in school. It's good to have writer like him in school-bag :)
  15. Domator

    Vancouver reading

    It's also on eBay, sell by mondaymedia too. With international shipping.
  16. Domator

    In how many languages was Bukowski translated ?

    Polish covers are really bad! I don't know why. It's so many way to show power of this fantastic words in one photo, paint, sketch... But on polish book we can see something that sometimes doesn't work with text inside. Of course not in every book. I Like Shakespeare, Ham On Rye!, Pulp and The...
  17. Domator

    In how many languages was Bukowski translated ?

    I have no information about Russia, former U.S.S.R. area etc.. But in Polish we have 14 Books by Bukowski + Locked in crazy arms... If you wanna see them i can upload and put links here.
  18. Domator

    CONFESSIONS OF A MISANTHROPE -- Ampersand (1969)

    This question is in my head since Jason and others started post this stuff on this forum :) Thanks!
  19. Domator

    Phony manuscript

    From BS So the only difference is color. (Sorry for quality but i took this photo by mobile phone, i don't have scanner and my camera is away)
  20. Domator

    Phony manuscript

    I'm sure about this too. I have this Beat Scene issue and it looks like copy from another publication. But it's great issue. A 100% about Buk.
  21. Domator

    The days run away...

    It makes me better when i win :) but of course for good price (but do we have any definition of "good price"?)
  22. Domator

    It Catches my Heart in Its Hands - missing signature page

    You're right. Every time when i looks at photos in google or something and i can't believe. Those books are beautiful. Books from Loujon looks like books with souls. Every single book looks different than other (not just because they have autographs). I wish that one day i'd see one copy in my...
  23. Domator

    Last CD you bought/ Book you read

    I bought new Miles Davis CD. The Evolution Of The Groove. Well, the sellers shouldn't tell me that it's whole album. It's just 15 minutes long EP. 3/10
  24. Domator

    Johnny Depp Getting Animated About Bukowski (Klasky Csupo Animation)

    I think that put some literature into cartoon it's just very hard. It must be change into something that people who don't know Bukowski (but wanna watch new cartoon) understand. And of course legions of Bukowski's fans like us should like it too. It's like water + fire. For me it impossible...