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    Crucifix in a deathhand and it catches my heart in its hands

    "Crucifix$350.0/" it catches "$900.00 books are in good to better condition. Typical wear. No real damages or stains. I can provide more pictures if you are interested. I will be listing these on eBay in a couple of days. Pm with questions. Thanks.
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    Bukowski for sale

    Hello all, I have some Bukowski things for sale..(sigh).. I will auction them (and maybe more) on E-bay in about a week, but thought that I'd post them here first.. I think I have priced them fairly. I can supply pics of any item if someone is interested. I can be reached at...
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    heh...lotta these.

    Word of the Day for:July 25, 2010 Poetaster Pronunciation:POH-uh-tass-ter Function:noun Definition(s) : an inferior poet
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    cat doodles

    Dogs, birds, women ,sun, little man W/ the bottle...Do any of you know where I might find a cat doodle by Buk?
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    down the highway

    I'm on the road and probably off-line for a few days. wanted to wish y'all a happy thanksgiving. may you all be with someone you love....
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    e-bay search

    anybody else having trouble with bukowski search on e-bay tonight? I get 0 for the u.s. and only about 45 on worldwide. wtf?
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    Fucking P.O. :mad:

    Got home from work today to find my recently purchased copy of "Terror Street" folded damn near in half and stuffed into my apt. sized micro mailbox! The bastards won't fold most of the junk that I recieve, and I am constantly having to run to the post office and pick up this crap, but...
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    SO... WTF? I'm sure that at least a few of you saw this on E-Bay... yeah, well I bit.... an X library book. I cant seem to get the pix of the sig page or another of a red "withdrawn" stamp on the title page to reduce in size so I can attach them, but have any of you seen this before? I'm...
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    burning on ebay

    Item number: 400059703825 gotta be one of the worst drawings I have ever seen. not saying it isn't real, just saying... (mods put this post where it belongs please :o)
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    saw these ladies perform in Milwaukee last night... Katzenjammer ... a sweet little fucking riot of fun...
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    Chance Press - A Common Thread

    got it! my o' my.. picking at it slowly. savoring, like I'm told some do with wine... . a fine,fine piece it is. thanks guys...great job...
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    New Year 2009 - Cheers!

    Here's to 2009 :eek:...ya.
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    Mitch Mitchell dead.

    PORTLAND, Ore. -- The Jimi Hendrix Experience's drummer Mitch Mitchell was found dead in a downtown Portland hotel Wednesday. The Multnomah County Medical Examiner's office said 61-year-old Mitch Mitchell likely died of natural causes. His body was found just after 3 a.m. at the Benson Hotel...
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    out of the red, into the black

    <= good lord, I've been black balled! Red lettered or black, I still support this place! :cool: :D
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    city lights

    Just noticed this:Celebrate the release of Charles Bukowski's Portions From a Wine-Stained Notebook with editor David Calonne and guests on Wednesday, November 5 at 7:00 pm in the city lights newsletter. OK
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    Happy Birthday BUKFAN & hank solo

    Happy BD + 2 H.S. & BF... yep.
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    its a shame...

    mjp Join Date 01-15-2006 Total Posts 5,286 Show All Statistics Friends mjp has not made any friends yet...
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    a little atomic bomb

    I hope its ok that I post this, sorry if its been here before. I thought that it was well done. I mean, you know, for what it is. :p
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    Issac Hayes dead

    just learned Issac Hayes has died...:(. damn too bad.
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    City Lights Post Card - Any info on this reading?

    got this City Lights postcard the other day , I don't know how well the scans will show up. on the back in what looks like a rubber stamp it says: BUKOWSKI?!FRI SEPT 10 V T RA S AUD VAN NESS & McAllister 7:30 $three....there is no year provided. so... a reading in S.F? what auditorium could...
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    Bad experiences with E-bay users.

    Man, I just gotta bitch here!! I've had a bid on an item on e-bay for 6 days. the only bid. now this morning I get a notice that my bid has been cancelled because of an error on the reserve of that item by the seller. only a few hours before the auction ends. WTF?? is no one responsible for...
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    Linda Bukowski's signature

    I have a soft cover later printing (7th?) of "What Matters Most" inscribed to someone, (I can't remember the name right now) and signed by Linda Lee. Just wondering if anyone else has ever come across anything like this? curious as to how something like this might come about. I personally...
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    jane cooney/john martin

    just noticed that bukowski met john martin on an anniversary of janes death. ok, just thought that this was kind of ironic. two major happenings on the same date. wonder if Buk ever realized this?
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    o c'mon now...

    vintage CHARLES BUKOWSKI large 'HANK' eagle BELT BUCKLE Item number: 170175452847 stretching it a bit, don'cha think?.......
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    I just noticed that in the Bio on the back cover of the paperback of "Sifting through the madness" it says, " In 1955 he began writing poetry, and his first collection of poems, Power, Fist, and Bestial wail appeared in 1959." Power Fist?, POWER FIST ??!! damn man, kinda takes the oomph out...