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  1. Domator

    Crazy Love Subtitles

    Hello I'm looking for Crazy Love subtitles. Can you help me? I'd be glad for any links, PM or e-mails ( Thanks! D.
  2. Domator

    Vinyl and CD

    Hi, I have a question for you, readers. Bukowski's poetry reading was recorded and published on vinyls long time ago, before CDs-era. Today some of this records are publish on compact disc. So, what titles was published only on vinyl, what was published on vinyl and CD and what was published...
  3. Domator


    hey, I need you help people. Can you send me or post here a list of Bukowski's bootlegs? Everything: audio, video... salute! edit: sorry for wrong category...
  4. Domator

    bukowski comics?

    Hello, I saw in Miscellany this picture: And I saw comic in Born into this (one page? My avatar). Tell me: Is it from comics or from solo paintings looks like comics? I know that R. Crumb ilustraded Bukowski's book, but I don't know if he...
  5. Domator

    Bukowski's photo session

    Hello, In Hollywood I read about Bukowski's photo session. Please, give me link or send me a photo from it. :) That photo looks professional. I want more professional pictures from photo sessions :) Help me please.
  6. Domator

    The Man With The Beautiful Eyes

    hey, what do you think about this short animation by Jonathan Hodgson? I think that is great short movie with very good poem and I like it. It have specific animation and easter egg at the end (Chinaski's shop :) ).