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  1. Erik

    Jill Biden

    Interesting, but wish there was a link to the ad...
  2. Erik

    Happy Birthday Hank !

    Skål for Buk's 100th! Here's a mention of it in the socialist paper Klassekampen: The quote from Linda goes thus: "If he was around now I think this suffering world would either kill him, or make him ever stronger. Likely stronger. Yes, stronger." They got the quote here: EasyReaderNews
  3. Erik

    Duking it out in the alley...

    Get the feeling the situation in the US is similar to this heading up to the election.
  4. Erik

    Forum closing due to Coronavirus

    Time to stuff some toilet paper in the phone - and also the rest of the media.
  5. Erik

    Forum closing due to Coronavirus

    Have you considered selling on the black market? You could make a bundle... Seriously though, I've got a 93-year old mother and am grateful for the precautions being taken...
  6. Erik

    Forum closing due to Coronavirus

    14 fracking years! ? Oh well: It was fun while it lasted
  7. Erik

    Greta Thunberg

    She definitely is coached. Her parents have even written a book about their kids challenges with having Aspergers.. In their defense: The royalties will be donated to charity. Those interested can google-translate this article about the book...
  8. Erik

    What are you listening to? The world really needs to know. Volume 8

    Ringo at 79 and Robbie at 76 are doing alright as well.
  9. Erik

    What are you listening to? The world really needs to know. Volume 8

    The Upsetter back in form at 83:
  10. Erik

    Notes of a Dirty Old Man - Open City - February 16-22, 1968

    What's that at the end? "For my mine"?
  11. Erik


    Strange. Shouldn't it be "bang closed" and "ran" with past tense in both lines?
  12. Erik

    Bullshit Pain: The Little Magazine: Vol. 6, No. 1, 1972

    Thanks. Like how Buk is self conscious about his ranting. Some great lines in these.
  13. Erik

    Do you know this quote?

    Many thanks Zobraks! It took 12 years but the long shot finally paid off. There's a saying in Norwegian that seems appropiate: "When you're waiting for something good, you're not waiting in vain." Also glad this forum has lasted this long. Thats pretty special too. Glad to see I (almost)...
  14. Erik

    What are you listening to? The world really needs to know. #7

    Can't decide which I like the best. The music or the video...
  15. Erik

    New poetry collection: "Storm for the Living and the Dead"

    Congrats Abel. Look forward to reading it. Just wondering: Is the title in any way connected to the finishing line of J.Joyce's short story "The Dead?" Also filmed by John Houston. "His soul swooned slowly as he heard the snow falling faintly through the universe and faintly falling, like the...
  16. Erik

    New poetry collection: "Storm for the Living and the Dead"

    I sort of like the squiggly green lines...;))
  17. Erik

    About Bob Dylan

    Bob definitely has the gift of the gab. Maybe some of this content will get into his Nobel Prize-lecture - if he ever gives it: --- -Braggin’” was done by Duke Ellington in 1938 – it’s the sort of big band swinging blues that led directly to rock and roll. As a kid, did rock and roll feel like...
  18. Erik

    NYQ #39, Summer 1989: b as in bullshit

    Sigh. Two of Buk's butchered lines give the best response to this: "B aware that the dumb bastards crawl the earth like the scurry-ass roach B able to know that the human heart can conquer odds not even dreamed of yet"
  19. Erik

    dirdge: Vagabond - No. 12 - 1971

    Apropos Vagabond:
  20. Erik

    dirdge: Vagabond - No. 12 - 1971

    Strong indeed. Very tight. Fitting title. The following concise line sums up so very very much: "each man's meaning is divided again and again"
  21. Erik

    R.I.P. Chuck Berry

    Wasn't there a story about Lightnin Hopkins where he was in a studio recording an album and he would stop after each song and demand payment before continuing? Being a black musician in the 1930s, 40s, 50s was no walk in the park. R.I.P. Chuck Berry (RIP) Reviews Punk Songs by The Ramones, Sex...
  22. Erik

    Censorship in the USA:

    Funny story here in Norway about how pictures in a children's book were censored for publication in the states. John Martin ain't the only editor censoring authors. Except I think the author here was informed about the edits before publication. Picture before american censorship: And after...
  23. Erik

    Guy de Maupassant

    This article about Guy de Maupassant in the Guardian made me think about how Buk has a similar reputation: "His prolific output of sensational stories for the popular press should not obscure the incomparable art of his best work [...]"...