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  1. Father Luke

    Sunlight at Midnight, Darkness at Noon

    I got Copy A The poems were: THE FILTHIEST STREETS RUN WITH HOT, SENSELESS BLOOD... ~ Hosho the smoking ruins of winter blown trails ~chris I'm just happy I have a little time to read this.
  2. Father Luke

    Happy Birthday, Black Swan!

    Happy belated from Jenifer and I. Smmmmmmmoooooooooches.
  3. Father Luke

    Forum fauna: The Rebel

    Oregon is nice. I'm not sure if this makes me a rebel or not.
  4. Father Luke

    Hello to those with an interest the extraordinary,

    I don't know what's been said? But for the permanent record? Mather Schneider certainly no friend of mine. Hope everyone is well.
  5. Father Luke

    A new Charles Bukowski-inspired magazine (buk scene)

    I wish I could read, this looks like such an interesting thread. Congratulations Ponder and Black Swan. Got mine today, thanks. The pictures are nice. ;) Looks like it is signed and numbered? Hmmm. 114 pages from cover to cover. Looks like I am going to have to get someone...
  6. Father Luke

    Outsider #1 scan needed

    You talking about this one:
  7. Father Luke

    Bukowski Celebration - Sat. March 28th

    For all the bourbon in Kentucky, I'd join ya. I'd join anyone. Here is the latest from Matt:
  8. Father Luke

    Bukowski Celebration - Sat. March 28th

    Got an email from Matt Sesow. Here is a glimpse of his excitement: March 28th, 9-12am... The Elephant Theater, I'll bring more news when I have more. - - Okay, Father Luke
  9. Father Luke

    Henry Miller-Nexus?

    Since there is some new Miller fans here, I thought I poast this. It's Henry Miller's letter to Bukowski. Courtesy of ROC ( Dear Friend --- -- Okay, Father Luke
  10. Father Luke

    Bukowski's mother, Katherine

    These pages, not hosted on, are informative: and...
  11. Father Luke

    Happy Xmas Eve/Xmas/Hannukah/Quanza/etc everyone.

    Ah. Hope so. -- Okay, Father Luke
  12. Father Luke

    Bukowski's mother, Katherine

    There are pictures of Bukowski's mother. For instance: and: As I recall he wrote about her death in poems, and I haven't the books at my finger tips, I'm hoping our man in green may help. . . hank...
  13. Father Luke

    "Peanuts" as written by Bukowski

    erm. . .
  14. Father Luke

    Is Buk your favorite writer?

    Not weird. 1.) 2.) 3.) 4.) There are others. . . You are not alone. -- Okay, Father Luke
  15. Father Luke

    Bukowski's mother, Katherine

    Interesting way to spend a Christmas eve. . . 1956 Bukowski's mother, Katherine, dies: 12-24-1956 -- Okay, Father Luke
  16. Father Luke

    What do you want for Christmas?

    Doesn't surprise me. I like Jerry a lot. He loves what he does, and The Beat Museum rocks.
  17. Father Luke

    What do you want for Christmas?

    Funny thing. Jerry at the beat museum: , sent me a copy of this:
  18. Father Luke

    What do you want for Christmas?

    Me either. I simply don't do Christmas.
  19. Father Luke

    Bukowski Pictures

    Uh oh.
  20. Father Luke

    Bukowski Pictures

    Christopher Felver is the photographer, and I'm not sure as to the origins, or circumstances surrounding the shot. The year is easy enough to guess, and all that. Here are some more that you may have never seen: (Bigger shot here:
  21. Father Luke

    Last Christmas

    Merry Christmas Everybody -- Okay, Father Luke
  22. Father Luke

    Hank wouldn't think much of me.

    I liked Death to Poets - - Okay, Father Luke
  23. Father Luke

    Last Christmas

    He finally looked like the little man he so often drew: Thanks roni. For all the right reasons.
  24. Father Luke

    MJP's Interview about

    I remember when was the bukowski place on the web. That seems like a long time ago. Well, yes. Okay.