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  1. Gary Eisenberg

    Red, stolen books and other shit

    I'll allow y'all to drool over this. And no, it's NFS. Enjoy!
  2. Gary Eisenberg

    Bukowski Longwood house for sale Charles Bukowski's Famous Childhood Home in Mid-City LA is For Sale Tuesday, May 26, 2015, by Adrian Glick Kudler Put on your pilgrimage beanies, disaffected young white boys—a famous childhood home of your hero...
  3. Gary Eisenberg

    Sold Charles Bukowski Photogravures from Michael Montfort negatives

    I have a number of photogravures that are trial proofs and unsigned, from the editions I did with Michael Montfort. I'm thinking of letting them go VERY cheaply. $20/each. Let's see if there's any interest here. It is this image, but without Michael's signature - only my signature, and not...
  4. Gary Eisenberg

    Photos of Michael Monfort in 1995

    I discovered a couple of photos of Michael Montfort that I had taken in the summer of 2000, during the period of time that we were working on the Buk photogravures. He is perusing the (then) recently published biography of John Fante by Stephen Cooper. I don't think there are too many photos...
  5. Gary Eisenberg

    Bukowski photogravures available!

    I worked on two collaborative photogravures (photo-engravings) with Michael Montfort, back when he was living in the Hollywood Hills. We developed a great friendship, which led to a Gargantuan (actually, more Panurgian, when I come to think of it) of German bier. We wound up showing the two...
  6. Gary Eisenberg

    Michael Montfort R.I.P.

    What's the latest on Michael Montfort? I had been trying, for months, to find out what happened to Michael. We collaborated together on some etching projects that were exhibited here: I met Michael through Sholom ("Red") Stodolsky, whom I knew for...