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  1. 5:28am

    Louis Ferdinand Celine

    ...says the man who deleted my last post.
  2. 5:28am

    Louis Ferdinand Celine

    excuse me sir, but your chutzpah is showing
  3. 5:28am

    What Are You Reading?

    Finally bought my own copies of Burning In Water Drowning In Flame and South Of No North from a used books store. unemployed and spending money on poems...
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    What's your secret to getting a new job so quickly?
  5. 5:28am

    Who is Robert Becker?

    I want to say that Becker's real name was Robert Baume and he died in WW2. Can't remember where I read that info. Maybe someone can verify it.
  6. 5:28am

    Bukowski's effect on how you work (or don't work)

    How do I feel about work? _screams internally
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    Unbroken Circle

  8. 5:28am

    common mistakes when writing

    Perfectionism. A beginner will waste a lot of time trying to find just the right words. It's not necessary. Write something and edit it later.
  9. 5:28am

    My Improvised Beat Display - Buk Included!

    Well trolled, sir... well trolled.
  10. 5:28am

    TV series

    I would agree, and add that the unnaturalness of speech and behavior applies to nearly ALL television acting. I quit watching television about 10 years ago and now whenever I see TV acting it seems bizarre and unintentionally funny - especially in dramas.
  11. 5:28am

    Alcoholism - why didn't it destroy Bukowski?

    Uh, i'm just pulling this out of my butt here, but I from what I remember his "10 year drunk" was really only about 2 years, and he didn't stop writing, he simply wrote much less than usual. If my memory is correct, this happened when Jane died.
  12. 5:28am

    What Are You Reading?

    Can you imagine if Ben Pleasants and James Franco made a movie about this? Depression-era Bukowski flees from the FBI. He's drifting from one city to another working dead-end jobs and shacking up with women whose husbands are fighting in the Pacific. J. Edgar Hoover has his top G-men hunting for...
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    Bukowski, directed by James Franco

    kind of old news, but apparently the lawsuit against Franco has been settled.
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    Confederate Flag

    Maybe I'm alone on this, but I've always felt that people who use tragedy to push a political agenda are absolute pieces of shit.
  15. 5:28am

    Confederate Flag

    Don't confuse this sort of thing for "historical progress." History is one people displacing another, one ideology displacing another, etc. This is just more of the same. We're moving forward "together" by getting rid of people and ideas we don't like.
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    'down and out' literature

    Thanks, guys. :cool:
  17. 5:28am

    'down and out' literature

    I'm trying to assemble a list of "down and out" literature. Books about working-class people, poverty, urban life, petty criminals, etc. There is no hard-and-fast rule for this list, just whatever you think might fit. Both fiction and non-fiction interest me. Please add suggestions to this list...
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    A Post Office Gary Would Approve Of...

    I wonder if anyone was suspicious when the kids asked for a new pair of shoes... men's size 13.
  19. 5:28am

    Bukowski and his reader's drinking habits

    "There is truth, and there are lies, and art always tells the truth. Even when it's lying." -John Horatio Malkovich
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    The Act of Art: Bukowski in Harper's (July 2015)

    the answer is on page 112 of King of the Underground :wb: "[Bukowski] said most editors were idiots; they published names, not poems. They looked for the names before they read the poems."
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    Talking about politics or religion is a great way to alienate people. It's easy!
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    Abel's book coming...

    Finished reading King Of The Underground today. Pretty interesting if you want to know about Buk's mania for writing and his relationship with literary magazines.