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  1. Erik

    Duking it out in the alley...

    Get the feeling the situation in the US is similar to this heading up to the election.
  2. Erik

    Censorship in the USA:

    Funny story here in Norway about how pictures in a children's book were censored for publication in the states. John Martin ain't the only editor censoring authors. Except I think the author here was informed about the edits before publication. Picture before american censorship: And after...
  3. Erik

    Guy de Maupassant

    This article about Guy de Maupassant in the Guardian made me think about how Buk has a similar reputation: "His prolific output of sensational stories for the popular press should not obscure the incomparable art of his best work [...]"...
  4. Erik

    Not bad.

    This adaption of T.S. Eliot's poem "The Love Song of J. Alfred Prufrock" is quite well done. It brings a whole new life to the poem. Nice.
  5. Erik

    R.I.P. George Martin

    "You can make a tune that isn’t that great sound wonderful. This stifles creativity, because you don’t have to work for it, it’s already there.”
  6. Erik

    Gordon Lish on revising Raymond Carver

    Seems in another league than John Martin... gordon-lish-books-interview-editing-raymond-carver
  7. Erik

    Rhyming radio drama:

    And not all that bad either. Can you believe it? No? OK, judge for yourself. I was actually quite impressed. Made me curious about who the author Michael Symmons Roberts is. Anyway - this play is quite good. Rhyming and all. I like it anyway. Almost has a Dennis Potter feel to it. Strange. OK...
  8. Erik

    R.I.P. Stéphane Charbonnier :(:((>:((
  9. Erik

    What are you e-reading, my e-reader really needs to know.

    Having finally swallowed my pride I’ve started using a Kindle. I use it mostly for reading up on classics I hadn’t got around to yet. I also find it useful for short reading sessions, especially poems. And it gives me a fresh sense of stuff I’ve read many times before. I find reading Buk’s...
  10. Erik

    R.I.P. Rubin “Hurricane” Carter.

    This is Dylan's first live performance of the song describing the false conviction of Ruben Carter for homicide. Carter died April 21. Dylan imortalized Carter in this song: Hurricane (click)
  11. Erik

    it's not pretty

    You know the line. From the poem "I met a genius". "it's not pretty" I just read a similar line from Goethe that made me think of it. Its from Goethe's maxims and goes like this: -Snow is false purity.” I like both lines. Both clear up false ideas about nature.
  12. Erik

    Buk poem endorses scotch:

    It sure as hell didn't make me thirsty...
  13. Erik

    Miley Cyrus guest stars on Breaking Bad:

    Shocked :DD
  14. Erik

    Hunger - full version - english subtitles

    on Utube now: SULT (click) ...although in 8 parts... A very good adaption of the book - in my opinion Wonder if Buk ever saw it?
  15. Erik

    Day jobs of the poets

  16. Erik

    Yes, American beer is like making love in a canoe

    Budweiser Sued for Watering Down Beer:confused:
  17. Erik

    How to say no to Oscar:

    from Ingmar Bergman of course...
  18. Erik

    Black Mirror

    I just gotta have one of these! The all new Black Mirror
  19. Erik

    Yoko Ono is a force of nature:

    Check out these drawings.
  20. Erik

    Interview with Lee Mallory about Bukowski:

    Lee Mallory of Newport Beach reflects on time spent with the revered L.A. poet.
  21. Erik

    Some xmas card tips perhaps?

    Dirty Literary Love Letters Written by Famous Authors
  22. Erik

    Leonard Cohen interview in Denmark 1992

    whilst drinking a bottle of tequila...