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    Bukowski's mother, Katherine

    Interesting way to spend a Christmas eve. . . 1956 Bukowski's mother, Katherine, dies: 12-24-1956 -- Okay, Father Luke
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    Bukowski Pictures

    Christopher Felver is the photographer, and I'm not sure as to the origins, or circumstances surrounding the shot. The year is easy enough to guess, and all that. Here are some more that you may have never seen: (Bigger shot here:
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    Bukowski Noir
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    Another One Bites The Dust

    hail hail the small press. . .
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    Anyone read about ABE Books? Here: From the article...
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    I got your Literary, Mary.

    Literary Mary Interviews me this month. I talk about Sex, Drinking, writing, the GPP. And there are a couple of nifty pictures of me. Click here - -> vodka did a nice job of showing me off. I admire her anyway, but this makes me...
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    It began as a mistake

    Hmmm. . .
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    LOL !
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    Isn't this the Rekrab Birthday thread?

    Or so I've been told. . .
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    The Poker Thread

    Anyone else play poker?
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    It's April, fools...

    April is National Poetry Month.
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    More lively discussion or The Bukowski Pissing Contest or...

    "In my estimation, Bukowski wrote some damn cool novels. I find his poetry highly overrated. Don't get me wrong, he wrote some good shit. He became Hollywood's court jester and was pimped out like the whores he liked to hang with. Big fucking deal." -RC Edrington
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    I saw a ghost...

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    Lively discussion

    Sometimes it helps to bring a new perspective to things. Like* h e r e *for instance.
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    Today's Events

    Calendar: Bukowski died: 03-08-1994
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    YouTube Stuff

    Anyone seen this before, or have any insight into its origin . . . ?
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    Bill Roberts - Bottle of Smoke Press - Appreciation thread

    . . . and am I glad I got a copy. Seriously, when I saw the book Bill made with me, I was sick and I cried. It just hit me like that. When I saw what Bill and Soheyl Dahi did with their book, it affected me in the same way. Bill: If you ever get kidnapped, I have twenty bucks (pretty much...
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    I can talk more shit than a mexican radio station

    Okay, in case you missed it. . . I'll be on the radio with Debbie Kirk. That's Debbie Kirk there on the left, and me, secure in the seat of honor on the right. Click here for details: H E R E Good news bad news: Bad news: The woman running the radio show doesn't open her lines. So no...
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    Talk about a lousy Christmas

    Dec 4 1958 Bukowski's father, Henry, dies Dec 24 1956 Bukowski's mother, Katherine, dies Just noticed that. Christmas around the Bukowski household? No thanks.
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    I realize that your birthday is Dec 20th, but, if I'm not mistaken, that's today in where you are land? For the rest of us, we get an extra day to wish you a Happy Birthday! Thanks for all you do, Rubyred.
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    Bukowski Symposium

    Just saw this: Most users ever online was 44, Yesterday at 04:43 PM dated today: 3 November 2007 pretty cool
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    November 3 = ROC

    Beat me to it. If nothing else, next year we might come back here on this very day, and reminisce. Happy B-Day, d0oD
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    Correspondance 1958-1994

    Anyone read this? Correspondance 1958-1994 Is it available in America?
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    Just for a second, or two.

    Don't know how long this link will last. There are three men: Dylan is obvious Then Ginsberg The third. Any help? L I N K