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  1. hoochmonkey9

    Somebody get grandad away from the 35mm!

    Thinking about dusting off my old Minolta X 700. Crazy? Or CRAZY!!!
  2. hoochmonkey9

    does not answer to her name

    Now available from Tangerine Press. Part of the Walking Wounded series, a previously unpublished story by Stephen Hines. That's me. Order now to avoid the Xmas rush!
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    the late season - Stephen Hines

    Well, I talked about it enough, so I'm happy to announce it is finally here- my debut collection of short stories, the late season, published by Tangerine Press. Three editions are available. A deluxe, signed with art: a signed HB with print by Jeff Brouws: and a trade paperback...
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    Sick Fly is appropriate...

    In a year or so, this may happen.
  5. hoochmonkey9

    The Wolf Of Wall Street

    Is a very long movie.
  6. hoochmonkey9

    for those Kerouac minded...

    UbuWeb has The Northport Tapes streaming and for download.
  7. hoochmonkey9

    the literary shot glass

  8. hoochmonkey9

    NYTimes on the literary bad boy

    Some handwringing over at the Times about the lack of enfant terribles in literature today.
  9. hoochmonkey9

    Gimme The Loot

    really enjoyed this one.
  10. hoochmonkey9

    Poetry in Motion

    I believe this one is out of print... if someone knows differently, let me know. ubuweb has the film streaming at their site. and, fyi, all ubuweb content is downloadable.
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    Coming soon from Pig Ear Press

    Here's the tentative cover for a collection of my short stories being put out by Mr Lally this winter. More info to follow.
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    Maine gets it....

    We were driving through Maine yesterday to get to Vermont for some mountain biking. We stopped in Freeport for lunch and wandered around the town a bit. Stopped into an independent bookshop (I think it was called Sherman's). The first thing I do when I go into a bookshop is look for Bukowski...
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    MILK #2

    just heard on the wind that MILK 2 is soon to be a go.
  14. hoochmonkey9

    Literary map of Los Angeles, with Bukowski.

    interactive thingy from the Los Angeles Times.
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    RIP Richie Havens

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    a bizarre, disturbing film that I loved and can't stop thinking about. [This video is unavailable.]
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    RIP Jonathan Winters

    "Have you ever undressed in front of a dog?" Funny man.
  18. hoochmonkey9

    if you're feeling twee

    pitchfork did a pretty good short doc on Belle and Sebastian's If You're Feeling Sinister.
  19. hoochmonkey9

    Johnny Marr and his Gibson 355

    former guitarist for The Smiths tells the story of how he got his Gibson 355 and the first song he wrote on it.
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    Adobe is giving away Photoshop cs2 for free. legally. I haven't downloaded it yet because the Adobe servers are overloaded.
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    street posters

    this and other "real" street posters here.
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    shred 'em if you got 'em

    Canada's CBC Radio 2 had a poll to find the best guitar riff ever. quite contentious, if you ask me...heh.
  23. hoochmonkey9

    ubuweb and Bukowski

    ubuweb has posted a huge archive of Bukowski audio.
  24. hoochmonkey9

    Four more years! Four more years!

    Obama continues to call out sucka MCs.