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  1. the only good poet

    Bukowski has finally made it

    onto Coronation Street, a long-running British soap opera set in the North. "There's nothing wrong with reading a bit of Bukowski and Shakespeare," Said a character. How do I know this? The women were watching it, of course!
  2. the only good poet

    The case of the missing Buddha

    It is a small thing, I know, but are there any images of the Buddha Bukowski writes of in a couple of later poems. It doesn't appear in the 90's photo of him at his desk. Tenuously related, but this is what I found with a search.
  3. the only good poet

    The eternal question: who in the hell is Pascal?

    Bukowski mentions a Pascal in one of his writers list type poems, the poem What They Want. (Love is a dog from hell, Essential Bukowski). Who is this Pascal, any idea? There was a writer Blaise Pascal, but he didn't slit his own wrists, as far as i'm aware. Now I'm off to eat some Chinese.
  4. the only good poet

    Old paperbacks

  5. the only good poet

    I love work

    I could watch it all day.
  6. the only good poet

    White face, Dark heart

    I heard this radio documentary about the pueblo clowns of New Mexico when it was aired in 2006, and I found it intriguing - White face, Dark heart: Part 1 (mp3) Part 2 (mp3) From
  7. the only good poet

    Norman MacCaig (the late)

    Never heard of Norman MacCaig until this video interview, when looking up a Glaswegian poet, Tom Leonard. (40-odd-years later, I thought it might be time to look at some writers from my birth country.) It kind of tweaked my synapses, this interview. Who knows, it might do the same for you.
  8. the only good poet

    Yayoi Kusama

  9. the only good poet

    Wait until Spring, Bandini, on BBC radio's "A good read"
  10. the only good poet

    Hunger, a film by Steve McQueen

    I've got to recommend this. One hell of a powerful movie.
  11. the only good poet

    Lawrence Ferlingetti - A Reluctant Beat

    A recent radio programme on the City Lights owner
  12. the only good poet

    Humphrey lyttelton dead Humphrey lyttelton, the irreplaceable host of...
  13. the only good poet

    relinquishing the market

    I have posted below a transcription (for better or worse) of a portion of dialogue from a 2005 episode of the South Bank Show, that might be of interest. The particular episode looked at the glamorisation of madness, and investigated if there were a connection between madness and the work of...
  14. the only good poet

    you're not alone in wanting to be (...) ;)
  15. the only good poet


    this morning i was listening to the bbc radio 4 cultural events programme "start of the week" while coppicing an old laurel hedge: i was startled to hear what the PEN...
  16. the only good poet

    jeff bernard (and incidentially) The idler
  17. the only good poet

    thread dedicated to all things LI PO

    LI PO thread Since there seems very little out there i've discovered - or maybe because i'm bored tonight, or after a certain cache, or just plain DRUNK - "wine makes its own manners." Li Po (AD 701-762) I thought i'd instigate a thread dedicated to our most illusive of contemporaries, Li...
  18. the only good poet

    what are you going to buy your bukowski lover this xmas? how about...
  19. the only good poet

    an empire of coins

    anyone any idea why a polished up version of the poem An empire of coins (from madrigals)was included in the postumous volume betting on the muse? maybe it was archived because it had been subsequently polished up by b...? it was a favourite from madrigals for me, it stood out.
  20. the only good poet

    frank harris and his hard father

    thanks to poptop, today i began reading a beat-up 1960's paperback i'd found some years back: a bio of one frank harris - from the cover, he seemed a larger-than-life character... i was quite astounded. i read the preface and found some remarkable similiarities between harris and bukowski...
  21. the only good poet

    new years greeting 1997

    can anyone tell me how much $ the BS new years greeting 1997 goes for?
  22. the only good poet

    b. anthologized for a general readership

    there's a poetry anthology: 101 poems to help you understand men (and women). obviously a format designed to appeal to a wider audience. b. is include with the poem wearing the collar . (from you get so alone?) there's also a poem by one diane theil, entitled beside readers. in it she...
  23. the only good poet

    pic from article in arena mag

    this is a pic from an article in the british men's mag arena. i thought i'd post it as it doesn't seem to be in BS's barfly. unfortunately i don't have the article. this is the caption on the photo: "in barfly, mickey rourke gives a bravura performance as the legendary literary lush, charles...
  24. the only good poet


    on the ordinary madness documentary it shows a tantalizingly short clip of bukowski on that french talk show...has it been transcribed or recorded, in full, somewhere else? i guess to some b wld have appeared pathetic (don't worry about it), but i found the whole thing hilarous. like the...