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  1. zobraks

    Bukowski on TV Slagalica

    There was a question about Bukowski in this evening's TV Slagalica*: ("Henry Chinaski, the main character of the movie "Barfly," is an alter ego of which German-American writer?") The guy on the left got it. Watch it from 15 min 14 sec: *TV Slagalica is the most popular quiz show in...
  2. zobraks

    One for the Shoeshine Man

    One for the Shoeshine Man is a well-known poem and H. Sounes used a line from it as (a part of) the title of his book Charles Bukowski: Locked in the Arms of a Crazy Life. Are those words that Sounes used Bukowski's words or someone else's? From Love Is a Dog from Hell (1977): From LA Free...
  3. zobraks

    Raising the Dead

    From another thread: Gothic and etc. in The Night Torn Mad with Footsteps. Or (much much) better... P.S. Whatever you do, don't compare the manuscript and the published version. It would only make you sick.
  4. zobraks

    Jesse Crumb has died

    Jesse Crumb, an artist and son of Robert Crumb, had recently perished in an automobile accident. Read more about it.
  5. zobraks

    The S. Clay Wilson Interview

    Yes, that's the guy who illustrated Bukowski's stories in Oui. Looks like he wasn't in a mood to say something about Buk, still some of you might find this interview interesting. Click here to read it.
  6. zobraks

    Dirty Harry on "pussy generation," Trump, etc.

    Here's the interview Clint Eastwood gave to Esquire.
  7. zobraks

    The Murder

    I've wondered about this (uncollected?) story since the first time I read this: Can anyone solve this mystery and/or post the scan(s) of the story here? Please.
  8. zobraks

    Things Found in Books. And, of course, Cuba.

    Did you ever find anything interesting & unusual in a used/secondhand book (beside the text)? No? Well, some folks did.
  9. zobraks facelift

    :abge: My first thought when I saw the new front page was "George John Martin (not the one from Boston, the other one) finally took his revenge on" Now I'm getting used to it. Sort of. P.S. I miss Buk with the accordion typer.
  10. zobraks

    Hi there

    Hello. I just dropped by to take a look at the The Creation Of The Morning Line photo. I've been lurking around these forums for quite a while so it was about time I registered, I guess. I've been a Buk fan since 1981 when I first read Notes Of A Dirty Old Man (the book) and haven't stopped...