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  1. ROC

    I don't like Coldplay, but...

    Are you kidding??!! I love Genesis - "In the beginning God created the heavens and the earth. Now the earth was formless and empty, darkness was over the surface of the deep, and the Spirit of God was hovering over the waters." Who can write a catchy number like that these days?!
  2. ROC

    Kinetic Sculptures of Theo Jansen

    I thought these sculptures were kind of boring. Until they started walking. Brilliant.
  3. ROC

    Responding to a letter in CREEM

    Either way, he looks pretty pleased with life.
  4. ROC

    how did bukowski feel about fixies?

    done and done!
  5. ROC

    Responding to a letter in CREEM

    Is that Jesus with a cigarette?
  6. ROC

    Good Documentaries

    I just saw Gasland by Josh Fox. Scary, fucked up and gripping.
  7. ROC

    Sartre, Genet, Miller and BUKOWSKI: UNVEILING THE MYTH - by Abel Debritto

    I received mine last week. It's sitting on the Buk shelf at home as I've been travelling and taking care of my boy. Tonight I am solo, so I'll crack a bottle of wine, put on some music and read. Can't wait. Thanks.
  8. ROC


    No. I want you to choke on your sunglasses. You're a tool.
  9. ROC


    Like, like....a thousand times like. :DD
  10. ROC

    Things you gotta shoot!

    I love native american culture.
  11. ROC

    Two Michael Montfort Bukowski photographs (real photos, not computer prints)

    Where the fuck is the 'Dislike' button? I wish I "have didnt" read posts by fools like this.
  12. ROC

    PBA Galleries

    I wouldn't normally give that title a thought, but that's a nice painting.
  13. ROC

    PBA Galleries

    Which title is that from?
  14. ROC

    The Laughing Heart - A short animation

    Nice. I hate the music, but then I'm hard to please that way. Given the subject and author, something like the 2nd movement of Mahlers 6th (cleverly edited) might have been more appropriate; starting low and building to a beautiful climax for "the gods await to delight in you". The reading is...
  15. ROC

    What are you listening to? The world really needs to know - III

    Phil Niblock - Early Winter
  16. ROC

    PBA Galleries

    My advice? Pick one or two primary items you really want and focus on those. Have one or two other (secondary pieces) lined up in case your primaries get jacked up too high. Either that or punch a cop.
  17. ROC

    PBA Galleries

    Well shut my mouth and call me Shirley.
  18. ROC

    PBA Galleries

    The books arent badly priced and I'm considering buying some to make me feel better about other parts of my life that won't get better just by throwing money at them :). But I hate the PBA take. They want too much just for hosting these things.
  19. ROC

    Fat City by Leonard Gardner - a book recommendation

    Yeah, mjp. Hammer it down! Hammer it way down.
  20. ROC

    STORE FRONT New York

    The boring is important. The important is boring. Good work.
  21. ROC

    Regrets of a sort

    These are unbearable. I'm seriously considering going to Starbucks and opening a vein. We were robbed.
  22. ROC

    Oh Yeah ! Mel Gibson is BACK, baby !

    When I was young, yes. Here is a more recent photo of me for your records;
  23. ROC

    Oh Yeah ! Mel Gibson is BACK, baby !

    He wasn't ours but we took him in. I'm just glad we gave him back. Complete nutter.
  24. ROC


    These comparisons are really pissing me off. Someone ought to get publicly humiliated for all these bullshit changes. Fuck!