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    When Bukowski rhymes with cosmetics ...
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    How to be a good writer

    In which book can one find this poem please? (I have tried with the "search poems" engine but I haven't managed to find it)
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    Ta gueule, Bukowski!

    That's the first part of the title of a book which has just been released here. The complete title is: (Shut up, Bukowski! Dictionary of literary insults). This dictionary is actually a compilation of nasty remarks writers made on each others. For the French readers, here's the...
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    Buk and the Beats (the book by Jean-François Duval)

    I have just finished it and only enjoyed the second half (the interview, as great as usual, Buk and Linda were in great shape this very night). As for the essay, it seems devoid of any thread, which makes it appear rather confused to me. There are too many quotations, a lot of digressions and...
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    La Horde

    The first French zombie film, they say. Let us hope that will also be the last one. A bunch of cops infiltrates by night in a building of a city located in the north of Paris. They want to catch/kill the crooks who have murdered one of their colleagues. They did not expect to face zombies...
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    A little tribute to Bukowski in a French recent novel

    The novel is untitled Le fait du prince and dates back to September 2008. The author, Amélie Nothomb, is a phenomenon in France: Since 1992, a new book from her releases on each September and immediately becomes a best-seller. I myself used to read her till I grew tired of her in the same way I...
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    Bright Star

    [This video is unavailable.] I have seen this film a few hours ago in the theatre and highly recommend it to all the John Keats lovers: his romance with Fanny Brawne is depicted with that grace peculiar to Jane Campion and poetry is omnipresent. I guess Bright Star will be my film of the year...
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    Matthias Schultheiss' comic books

    I have read the first one (Der lange Job/Folies Ordinaires) and like Roni, I haven't appreciated Shultheiss' style, finding it more or less flat, not really in phase with Bukowski's spirit. If I had read this thing without knowing Bukowski, it assuredly would not have made me feel like...
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    Time of the gypsies

    I watched it last night and am still wordless. A great movie from Kusturica giving back its dignity to a people too often looked down upon. And an extremely harrowing one ; the kind of those requiring a stock of handkerchiefs within reach. My night clothes' sleeves will remember it.
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    Bukowski on Woody Allen

    In Septuagenarian Stew, there is a short story untitled A bad night (I retranslate it from a french translation, so perhaps it's not the good title), where a guy named Monty resorts to a phone sex operator and then to a prostitute. In the middle of this setting, Buk happened to place a paragraph...
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    Septuagenarian Stew

    My last bukowskian reading, as delightful as usual. What I'm fond of in this one are the very short poems featuring famous writers whom Bukowski used to quote all over his work. With a special mention to the short story The writers, where Hank's talent for self-derision reaches its height.
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    Trailer : I viewed it again, two years after having first watched it in theatre, and my opinion has not changed : before being a biopic, Control is the psychological depiction of a young man overcome by a sudden fame and a family life he is unable to face, torn between two women between whom...
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    The day Bukowski died

    Reading Rekrab's Journal following Hank's death has excited my curiosity. How did you react when you learnt the news ? Did you do anything special ? I was a child, so I'm not concerned and just want to read some stories. (By the way, I was astounded by the so insignificant obituary in the...
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    Happy birthday Lolita Ginsoski !

    Happy birthday to you, Lo-li-ta !:)
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    The Edukators

    This afternoon, The Edukators (I prefer the german title : Die fetten Jahre sind vorbei which are the words the Edukators let in the houses they visit), from Hans Weingartner. Trailer : The subject is trivial : three young anti-capitalist Germans want to change the world (wow) and lead...
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    Inglourious Basterds & Tarantino in general

    Trailer : I saw it one week ago and have mixed feelings since then : neither a bad film, nor a good one. Anyway, it disappointed me in so far as I had great expectations, being very demanding with Tarantino. This movie maker was one of my safe bets, I'm quite puzzled now. Has anybody watched...
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    Happy Birthday Nervas !

    Hope you're having a nice day, you Nick Cave lover ! ;) (And happy birthday to Frenchie who is perhaps french but didn't write one post in three years :D )
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    MUSE's new album : "The Resistance"

    is coming back ! The new album, untitled "The Resistance", will be released on september 14th. Since a few days, the first single, "United States of Eurasia", can be listened : (it's of course also...
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    La Fête de la Musique!

    (I don't know how to translate it in english) Tomorrow, we will celebrate music in France, as we do every 21st june. That's a special day during which concerts are given everywhere, by amateur as well as professional musicians. I was supposed not to got out tomorrow because I have a memoir to...
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    Reality bites

    Last night, I saw that movie, which is Ben Stiller's first one. Trailer : A film about four friends having graduated and discovering the hard reality of adult life, mostly focusing on their love and job concerns. A fine and funny...
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    The last house on the left, the remake from Wes Craven's film

    This film is going to release in France next week. I've got a friend who's going to visit me in these days and I am tempted to go to the movies with him see that remake. But is it actually worth being viewed ? I never rely on trailers but what is striking with this one is the absence of...
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    Iron Maiden, plague or blessing?

    It reminds me of the day I discovered with stupefaction that Bruce Dickinson had had a Carla Bruni haircut. It was not pretty either.
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    Buk's review in Creem

    I have read in Soune's Biography that Creem magazine once asked Buk to write a review of a Rolling Stones concert. Buk did it but as rock'n'roll was not his cup of tea, he inserted in his article considerations about horses races and concluded by asserting that it was much more pleasant to...
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    When Hank met Paris

    I discovered this hilarious photomontage a few months ago and I was wondering who made it and what for. Does anybody know ? Poor Hank. Being associated with that...well, I will remain polite :rolleyes: And what the hell is she reading ?
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    Hank forever !

    Hello everybody, First of all, I apologize for my sometimes approximate english but the fact is I am a frenchie who does not really have occasions to practice this language anymore. Let rapidly introduce myself : I am a 25 years old young woman from pakistani origins born and living in...