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  1. ROC

    In the news today

    "Mechanical God Creation Signs to Worm Hole Death" I can't recall ever seeing a headline this good before. What the hell. Note the little avatar that accompanies their web address. What tools.
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    Nice xmas present I bid $800 and did not hit the reserve. But I expected as much. The reserve is probably the same as the 'buy it now'; 2500 smackers.
  3. ROC

    Post Office - 1 of 50 I wonder how high it will go. Anyone out there interested in this one? Would you tell me if you were? :)
  4. ROC

    The Letters - nice I think it's great that he's not splitting these up. They are beauties. It will be interesting (for me, at least) to see if they sell.
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    Can anyone provide a scan of the prospectus for this item? I haven't seen it and I'm thinking about picking one up (now that I have Bills beautiful clamshell case for my copy of the book - thanks Bill!). Also, are there photos in the German edition called Pferdefleisch or is it just text...
  6. ROC

    Another Fun Inscription X - You Get So Alone At Times ...

    And here is thing other inscription I promised the other day... It's from my copy of You get so Alone.
  7. ROC

    Another Fun Inscription IX - Hollywood

    This goes nicely with nymark's inscribed Barfly.
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    Anyone got Cornered?

    With the recent acquisition of Darkness and Ice, I have confirmed my place as BSP book collecting weirdo No. 1. Oh well, you gotta have a hobby, right? Here they are with a match book to give a size reference. Sorry about the crappy photo. My wife broke yet another digital camera. (That's 4)...
  9. ROC

    Bukowski / Montfort video tape

    So I was reading this... and was interested by his comments on the breakdowns... "Copies 1 - 50 went to John Martin of Black Sparrow...
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    X-Ray #6

    Does anyone know what the Buk contribution is to this? Ta!
  11. ROC

    Isaac Babel

    Any of you guys read any Isaac Babel? Any opinions?
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    Death wants more death

    I've been taking care of cacti for nearly 20 years and nothing this horrible has ever happened before. I was out checking and doing some watering when I was stopped short by the sight of a sparrow caught on my Mamilopsis (Mamilaria) Senilis. Needless to say the poor bugger was dead. Getting him...
  13. ROC

    $1500 for a napkin I'm not sure there is anything to add. Things are getting silly.
  14. ROC

    The days run away...

    In case anyone is interested...
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    Does anyone have a comprehensive list of Bukowski items produced by Johnny Brewton. I have quite a bit of his stuff and really like it. Love it, actually. But it's difficult to sort out what's what... between his 'broadsides' and 'magazines' and special little projects etc. Can anyone add...
  16. ROC

    Can someone in the US help me with this?

    I'd like to buy this. The seller ships to the USA only. Anyone here willing to buy it with their Paypal account and on-ship it to...
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  18. ROC

    If I may (?)

    I've thought long and hard about posting this... I do so because I respect some of the minds who post on this site and I would be very interested to hear what you make of it all. I would like to ask anyone who is interested to watch all eleven 'episodes' of this... ...and say what...
  19. ROC

    I don't get it Two things... There's exactly the same book available from ABE for $250. It always amazes me that people get so excited about an ebay auction. And secondly... That bidders list looks awfully...
  20. ROC

    What the hell is this? Anyone?
  21. ROC

    What do you think it's worth?

    Scott has listed this 4 times (I think). Each time he lowers both his starting bid and buy it now price by $100. So far - no interest. So what do you think it's worth?
  22. ROC

    Wish the posthumous books listed the poem year

    Slightly off topic - but I really wish all these posthumous collections had dates - at least a year - for each poem. I was reading the people look like flowers last night and the question "when was this one written' popped into my head with every poem I read. This work needs to be done...
  23. ROC

    Official complaint to mjp

    On your prompting I signed up to become a supporting member a while ago. In your explanation of what advantages my $10 would get me, you clearly state that I will be able to make myself invisible "so no one knows you're around". I have tried this on numerous occasions and my wife can still...
  24. ROC

    Graffitti, slang and fine British insults

    [Split from thread about an entirely different subject] And this makes no bloody sense at all. What, is public space set aside for some hidden elite? That space is public means just that, and that some individuals without consent should spray paint their names on a blank wall is just a pure...
  25. ROC

    Love is a dog... Is it just my browser, or does this copy appear not to have the multi-colored cloth back-strip as described by Aaron K? (AKA AK47 - that's alot of Ks!)...