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  1. Gary Eisenberg

    Marina Louise Bukowski

    What Danny Mac just said! I took somewhat of a drubbing a few weeks back, and I have no hard feelings at all. This is a great forum, and I'm grateful to MJP for hosting it!
  2. Gary Eisenberg

    Introduction to Richmond book

    Thanks for sharing this! Brilliant. Bukowski at his best, IMHO.
  3. Gary Eisenberg

    The Genius of the Crowd (1966 7 Flowers Press)

    I've done the same. My complete set of Outsider is gone. Also my copy of IT CATCHES MY HEART IN ITS HANDS. And dozens more. But life goes on. And we can always acquire reprints.
  4. Gary Eisenberg

    Book on Bukowski friend Steve Richmond

    MJP, thank you for keep the trolls out!
  5. Gary Eisenberg

    Red, stolen books and other shit

    My final word on the subject: When I checked the book out, there was little-to-no interest in Fante. We're talking John Fante here, not Bukowski. I paid the fee in a timely manner, and remained in good standing with the library. The book is now widely available. I was actively involved in...
  6. Gary Eisenberg

    Red, stolen books and other shit

    I didn't boast about it, MJP. That was YOUR read on it Just sayin. I paid for the book. And DID have some qualms years later. I never claimed to be next Bukowski, LOL. OR the next John Fante. Enough said. I'm getting sleepy reading this thread... They now have MANY copies on hand. That is...
  7. Gary Eisenberg

    Red, stolen books and other shit

    The book had not left the shelf since 1956, when I checked it out in 1973. So I didn't feel so bad about the purloined letter(s) [pardon the pun]. Bad photography on my part. I was in a hurry. The clamshell box was NOT part of the production. It was given to me by my dear friend Patrick...
  8. Gary Eisenberg

    Red, stolen books and other shit

    I should have asked Michael to inscribe the book to me, but we were BOTH always blasted drunk whenever we got together, and I never got around to doing so!
  9. Gary Eisenberg

    Red, stolen books and other shit

    I wound up finding Ask The Dust at UCLA library back in those days. It's not the cleanest copy in the world. I should have saved the library card pocket. I kept the book and gladly paid the $5.00 replacement fee. It was inscribed to Jim Tully, a friend of Fante. So I eventually found...
  10. Gary Eisenberg

    Red, stolen books and other shit

    Here's a little tidbit of tantalization. I got this letter from Fante in '77 after I sent him a few of my HORRIBLE poems.
  11. Gary Eisenberg

    Red, stolen books and other shit

    It's one SINGLE bloody poem. Nothing much to read at all. But my old friend Shalom "Red" Stodolsky was one of FIRST book dealers to regularly stock Buk's work, and they were fast friends. It was through Red that I met (and later collaborated with) the late Michael Montfort. So I ain't NEVER...
  12. Gary Eisenberg

    Red, stolen books and other shit

    I'll allow y'all to drool over this. And no, it's NFS. Enjoy!
  13. Gary Eisenberg


    Gee, now where'd I put that checkbook?
  14. Gary Eisenberg

    Loving and Hating Charles Bukowski by Linda King - Available Now

    Cleese ALWAYS gets it right! Uh.."one more little wafer, Mssr. Creosote?"
  15. Gary Eisenberg

    Extra Page in Crucifix

    Not splitting hairs. I know my paper. I'm a printmaker. MY copy has parchment. I've not seen YOUR copy so I have not a CLUE what kind of paper was used. And it is NOT lightweight paper. Just sayin. :) P.S. I don't give a rat's ass about the 999 people who don't know the difference. I...
  16. Gary Eisenberg

    Bukowski Longwood house for sale Charles Bukowski's Famous Childhood Home in Mid-City LA is For Sale Tuesday, May 26, 2015, by Adrian Glick Kudler Put on your pilgrimage beanies, disaffected young white boys—a famous childhood home of your hero...
  17. Gary Eisenberg

    Extra Page in Crucifix

    My copy has it printed on parchment paper, not onion skin. Just sayin.
  18. Gary Eisenberg

    Extra Page in Crucifix

    I have one of the Borenstein copies. Here's a better image of that page, plus an image of the colophon pages As most serious Buk collectors know, Webb was known to create numerous variants in small microcosmic "editions," like this one, for example. There are some tricks to making that...
  19. Gary Eisenberg

    Sold Charles Bukowski Photogravures from Michael Montfort negatives

    I have a number of photogravures that are trial proofs and unsigned, from the editions I did with Michael Montfort. I'm thinking of letting them go VERY cheaply. $20/each. Let's see if there's any interest here. It is this image, but without Michael's signature - only my signature, and not...
  20. Gary Eisenberg

    Want to buy Buk-stores in LA

    I'm not a store, but if you're still in town, feel free to call me. I have some items that might be of interest. 310-577-9146
  21. Gary Eisenberg

    Buk-Art-Exhibition planned by Polish museum - CALL for contributions!

    I have some stuff to share. Privately email me if interested.
  22. Gary Eisenberg

    Charles Bukowski 9 Horse Short

    It's weird going back there now. I had a gig (musician) in the casino a couple of months ago. The track is a ghost-town but the casino was packed to the gills. I took a nighttime walk after the gig, breathed in the post-midnight air, and thought about Buk at window and the track bar. A...
  23. Gary Eisenberg

    How would Bukowski be resonded to today?

    I was tempted to post a response to Ewok, but by the time I finished reading this thread...I realize that I really wouldn't have anything earthshaking to add. Well done, gentlemen.
  24. Gary Eisenberg

    Inscribed copy of The Days Run Away...

    I agree. The handwriting doesn't even come close.