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  1. Charlie

    I guess I've made it

    It wasn't too long ago. You can read it in my old posts. Bukowski was god. He was a fling that had never flung. Wait, let me explain that. The way I work, the way I keep myself sane, or at least sane enough to keep the lawn tame and the nights possible, is to have a thing that I latch onto...
  2. Charlie

    Everyone! I need your help right now!

    Two days ago, my grandmother died. According to the Jewish faith, a body must be buried within two days, and the second day is tomorrow. My family wants me to read a poem, but, frankly, I'm afraid I can't really write anything meaningful. So, PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE, right now, while you're...
  3. Charlie

    A Question for you guys who know about the prices of rare books

    I know that Buk manuscripts sell for upwards of $100 sometimes. Sometimes, people go crazy and pay upwards of $1,000. So, let me ask you this. I know you guys aren't professional appraisers, but can you give me a ballpark figure on the following items: A copy of an unpublished William Blake...
  4. Charlie

    Why "Ham On Rye"?

    I don't understand the significance of the title. Maybe I just forgot the passage where its importance is explainined, but I just don't get it.
  5. Charlie

    Pulp - Was Bukowski on his way to fiction?

    Besides his short stories, as far as I know, Bukowski never wrote any fiction. It was all semi-autobiographical stuff. But Pulp, which was of course his last novel, was a work of fiction. Was he going to do more of this? 'Cause, hell, I think he kind of ran out of stories anyhow.
  6. Charlie

    Spreading the Bukowski

    I've been passing his books around to my friends and there's one guy thinks Buk's a genius, a girl who isn't impressed by his style but moderately enjoys him, and then there are two other guys who greatly enjoyed Buk. One guy though didn't enjoy his poetry. Everybody seems to be really...
  7. Charlie

    Ask the Dust trailer

    Here it is, a movie based on the work of one of Buk's favorite writers. Click right here.
  8. Charlie

    A movie from Hollywood

    This isn't anything big, but in Hollywood, Buk talks about Barbet screening a film for him about an African dictator. In case you're curious, here is the film.
  9. Charlie

    So what are they like?

    I know at least two of you, Mjp and Cirieta (forgive my mispelling) have met Linda and Martin and a few other compatriots of the dirty old man. And, if she is telling the truth, Mystery Girl actually met and had some sort of relationship with the great man himself. So, what are they like? How...
  10. Charlie

    Was he really a Nazi?

    I read, online, that essay or whatever the hell it was about Buk being a Nazi, but I don't know if this is true. I read somewhere that during his college years, or right before Factotum, he was part of a pro-Germany club which, since it existed during WW2, was pro-Nazi as well. But apparently...