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  1. David

    Quote by Bukowski?

    Thanks, I got a request to identity this from a fact-checking organization, "AFP Factual, the fact-checking service of news agency France-Presse (AFP)," so will let them know.
  2. David

    Quote by Bukowski?

    Does anyone know if this quote is by Bukowski? I don't recall it, seems a bit suspicious though not sure...."Society is degrading. People hide to make love, while violence is practiced in broad daylight. Painting a graffiti is a crime, while killing a bull is an artform. The way of dressing or...
  3. David

    Sunday before noon - introduction

    If you try to understand what poems mean, you'll never understand them.
  4. David

    Factotum - broken clock scene

    I don't want to go all philosophical here, but this is a joke but it also is centrally connected to one of the main themes of Factotum: Time. And the way clock-time dominates the lives of workers in the modern world and the absurdity of living by clock-time rather than by inner time, or...
  5. David

    Two Early Original Typescripts (Not Carbons) & Other Signed Items

    Was "My Yellow Dog and I" posted? Or can you add it?
  6. David

    Jill Biden

    If you scroll down on the page of the link I gave, there is a video of the ad. And Philly Dave has the ad on the posting before mine.
  7. David

    Jill Biden

    Looks like there are comments on Jill Biden and Bukowski on "Bukowski Quotes":
  8. David

    Jill Biden

    WOW! This is great! Thanks for posting, I had not heard about it.
  9. David

    existentialism for dummies...

    I wonder if any of you guys and gals ever saw the TV series "The Prisoner' with Patrick McGoohan. Seems to me to fit Roni's description quite well for an existentialist film. Poor Pat is thrown into a bizarre, totally "made-up" "village" by remote authorities and tries unsucessfully to escape...
  10. David

    "Murder" in NYQ 47

    NYQ 28 Fall 1985 the numbers game.
  11. David

    "Murder" in NYQ 47

    NYQ 60 2002 "Seize the Moment"
  12. David

    "Murder" in NYQ 47

    Two from NYQ 35 Spring 1988. "Dirty Laundry" and "A Goodbye to Spandau" about Rudolf Hess...
  13. David

    "Murder" in NYQ 47

    Two more from NYQ 41 1990.
  14. David

    "Murder" in NYQ 47

    NYQ 41 1990
  15. David

    "Murder" in NYQ 47

    Got a batch of NYQ's and found another--I think--uncollected "Birthday Poem at 67." NYQ #42, 1990
  16. David

    "Murder" in NYQ 47

    Found a poem entitled "Murder" in NYQ 47 1992 but it is different from the "Murder" listed as being in that issue. Not sure if this one is collected or not.
  17. David

    Crumb interview

    Thanks for posting the cool Crumb interview. I recently finished writing my book R. Crumb: Literature, Autobiography and the Quest for Self, due out in February 2021 from U. Press of Mississippi for any of you Crumb fans. I have a chapter discussing Crumb's Bukowski drawings. Here is the cover.
  18. David

    Bukowski by Abe Frajndlich

    ganz kool, vielen dank Roni!
  19. David

    The Lion, Oui April 1984

    I was rummaging through my magazines in search of a Robert Crumb article and found "The Lion"--don't think it is in database or posted anywhere unless I looked in the wrong places. A riff on Hemingway obviously...
  20. David

    In which year did Bukowski wrote Democracy?

    That makes sense since there would be no way Brewton could have gotten the ms. And the fact that there are no corrections on the Bukowski ms suggests that it is the final version I would think......So I assume Martin must have retyped the poem and sent it to Brewton? Bizarre but not unexpected...
  21. David

    In which year did Bukowski wrote Democracy?

    I'm curious what happened to this poem between the ms of 1986 and publication in X-Ray in 2001? Did Martin get to the Ms and alter it before X-Ray published it?
  22. David

    Bukowski for Kids

    A little holiday humor, not sure if this has been posted before.
  23. David

    Plants mentioned in Bukowski’s work

    Tournefortia, Calla Lily
  24. David

    South of No North - magazine column sources

    Righto, Zobraks...I tried to find the column using Captain Co's March 23, 1972 with no luck and tried the data base and found it on March 23, 1973, but then forgot to put the correct date in my post. Thanks!