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  1. zobraks

    Shits and Giggles

    a cheap concrete block
  2. zobraks

    The First Interview

    The world is full of lifelong truck drivers who hate trucks. Literally and figuratively.
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    Bukowski bookshelf

    Yes. You can know it too, if you read this (god damn) forum.
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    "Find what you love and let it kill you"

    This is (allegedly) the book of Bukowski quotes (grab it on Amazon). I wonder if they have "Find what you love..." quote in it.
  5. zobraks

    the snowman

    He was writing about a Frozen Man (Stance) in Notes of a Dirty Old Man (page 234).
  6. zobraks

    Sunday before noon - introduction

    Don't listen to these bozos, I strongly believe there is a deeper (palpably biblical) meaning behind those words. Keep searching.
  7. zobraks

    Don't let people be its foundation.

    Fique seguro.
  8. zobraks

    Don't let people be its foundation.

    Is Bukowski*. Let Not in Betting on the Muse. *or Martinowski (since Betting on the Muse is a posthumous collection)
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    Factotum - broken clock scene

    You have too much time on your hands. I can't recall that part, and I've read Factotum a couple of times.
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    Post Office - Janko

    Yes, your memory is impeccable, as usual. Some Luck, Somehow (Bone Palace Ballet) is one of those poems.
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    Didn’t you?!

    No. Try Conversation with a Lady Sipping a Straight Shot (from Days Run Away...) instead. There's talking trash and a fat lady there too.
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    Does someone know who Stella is?

    I'm sure it's a real person: Bukowski mentioned Stella on a couple of occasions in his letters - see the one to Carl Weissner (July 25, 1974) in Living on Luck and the letter to John Martin (June 14, 1980) in Reach for the Sun. Judging by the former I think Stella is called Nicole in Women (see...
  13. zobraks

    Does someone know who Stella is?

    Stella was a mannequin in Love for $17.50.
  14. zobraks

    Post Office - Janko

    from Bukowski, A life by Neeli Cherry Cherkovski
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    Shits and Giggles

    A Freezer Box Blues
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    existentialism for dummies...

    Make sure to check David Zane Mairowitz's/Robert Crumb's Introducing Kafka. I liked it very much. I bet it reminds you of someone else's father. Wink-wink, nudge-nudge.
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    I don't know what to do, the stoves gone out.

    This may be the reason:
  18. zobraks

    I don't know what to do, the stoves gone out.

    The poem you're looking for is Harbor Freeway South from The Night Torn Mad with Footsteps. Read the manuscripts. You're welcome.
  19. zobraks

    Unknown Bukowski pictures?

    Haven't seen this one before (courtesy of Hannah):
  20. zobraks

    art & artists

    You just don't understand ART. P.S. I wouldn't give 35 cents for that thing.
  21. zobraks

    Unknown Bukowski pictures?

    It sure looks like he's been trying to snap Buk's neck. Talk about mission impossible. Btw, Ferlinghetti is still around and he'll turn 102 (!!!) on 24th of March next year.