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  1. PhillyDave

    What did PhillyDave Do on his day off?

    I went to the Dunkin' Donuts i worked at in 91, the 1st house i grew up in, a porno shop, a crematorium, and the Four Seasons Total Landscaping.
  2. PhillyDave

    Jill Biden

    This hasn't been mentioned (i think) so here you go. "A poet once said..." No shit, really?
  3. PhillyDave

    Happy New Years

    I haven't been on here a lot this year but that's because it's been such a busy & good year. Love this site & the folks that gather here. Happy new years? Who knows, right? It is a crap shoot. Thanks for everything. Be safe, have fun, take a cab. See youse next year kids.
  4. PhillyDave

    Happy International Cat Day

  5. PhillyDave

    Book w Buk in it

    Saw this in Target today. Huh.
  6. PhillyDave

    Day Drinking

    Seth Meyers & Ina Garten. Cool combo
  7. PhillyDave

    Poet Galway Kinnell

    Just discovered this guy Galway Kinnell. I don't know much about him except a brief scan on the interwebs. What are some opinions around here, if any, on his writing? I like what I've seen so far.
  8. PhillyDave


    Bukowski Tavern Boston is a thing as, i assume, most of you already know. I'd like to hear what what folks here think about the swag BTB is offering. I say no thank you but i find it rather amusing. But then again, i am a dork & if i come upon an old racetrack t-shirt i might purchase it. Now...
  9. PhillyDave

    Neeli Cherkovski, Tonight 2/20

    New Neeli book
  10. PhillyDave

    Audio book award

    Found out that the audio for Tales of Ordinary Madness is up for an award, an Audie. Hmm. I learn something new every day.
  11. PhillyDave

    The Iggles

    I grew up an athlete in a family of athletes and sure it was good times. My folks were also hippies so it wasn't all false machismo. There was also weed & music. Anyway, the Eagles won the Superbowl and although I no longer follow most sports closely I did watch the game & it was awesome, maybe...
  12. PhillyDave

    I can't read German. Can you?

    From the bookface's Charles Bukowski Society: Provokationen in Briefform
  13. PhillyDave


    Yet another "Buk" bar going down due to gentrification. There's a link to a 12 min doc on the making of "Barfly" in there too. The Smog Cutter is the latest Los Angeles bar to fall to gentrification, after nearly 30 years in operation.
  14. PhillyDave

    Bukowski Tavern

    Well, the Bukowski Tavern aka "a dive bar in Boston" has, on the bookface, made a request for "fans" & patrons to design a sticker for their establishment. Anybody here wanna take a swing? On the one hand, who gives a shit? On the other hand it's kind of funny, the idea of doing one. Would that...
  15. PhillyDave

    Buk's 1947 residence

    Here's his residence in Fairmount in Philly in 1947, 2020 Mt Vernon. Yes, i'm a dork. My comedian son took the pic and said it came out fine.
  16. PhillyDave

    Academics who get screwed in America...

    Well who knew? Not I. Yikes. A combination of two of the oldest professions in the world.
  17. PhillyDave

    Hüsker Dü's Grant Hart Dead at 56

    R.I.P Grant Hart. mjp, Did u ere meet this guy or actually know him? In all our discussion about the Minneapolis "scene" we never once mentioned the DU.
  18. PhillyDave

    Wrong (find what you love and let it kill you...again)

    This is rhetorical. All around here seem to know better by now. Why does this quote continue to go around? Found this on the fb page "Charles Bukowski Fans". Ugh.
  19. PhillyDave

    R Crumb for sale

    Nash of CSNY fame is selling off his rare R. Crumb comix.
  20. PhillyDave

    While The Music Played

    So what's this thing I found on ebay? Am I missled? Is it actually collected somewhere? It's a monthly thing from Black Sparrow featuring one of their writers per issue. This is SPARROW 5 While The Music Played by Charles Bukowski from February 1973. The post says poetry is in it but not what...
  21. PhillyDave


    So this is kind of funny. I couldn't say if it's true but it seems someone actually did a study on this.
  22. PhillyDave

    A podcast other than THIS IS NOT A TEST

    Maybe admin can move this if i've put it in the wrong spot or if there's already a thread somewhere that i've missed. Anyway... just listened to the 99% Invisible podcast and specifically The Architect of Hollywood episode about one of the first greatest black architects in America. Paul R...
  23. PhillyDave

    Mall Bukowski?!
  24. PhillyDave

    Ben Franklin Museum

    Went there yesterday. Haven't been there since the late 70's. It opened in 1976 so it was a requirement for pretty much all grade schools to class trip there. Pretty cool. Wow, printing was a labor intensive process back in 1725(?) when Ben started. Also, the hole is the, supposedly, first...