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  1. chronic

    Book Stores Fuming Mad Over State Law Forcing Them To Keep Records Of All Autographed Books

    Wow! Out of all the signed books on the market, how many of them have all of this information known or available to a seller. Around 2% would be my guess. I get that they're trying to protect ignorant buyers, but this is a ridiculous way to go about it.
  2. chronic

    What Are You Reading?

    Heart of Darkness, which I've been meaning to "get around to reading" for about 40 years now.
  3. chronic

    i want i want i want i need i need i need

    What a bargain. Doesn't matter... I won't be buying anything like this in this lifetime.
  4. chronic

    i want i want i want i need i need i need

    I kinda like the hipster bullshit. Seems like they put a lot of effort into presentation. But yeah... it would be nice just to be able to buy the music without all of the extraneous stuff.
  5. chronic

    i want i want i want i need i need i need

    I deserve this.
  6. chronic

    What are you listening to? The world really needs to know. #7

    RIP Paul Kantner [This video is unavailable.]
  7. chronic

    Shits and Giggles
  8. chronic

    Harry Calhoun has passed away.

    Very sorry to hear this.
  9. chronic

    What Are You Reading?

    Thanks. I'm just saying that if I'm out, I'm doing something else and not reading and, if I'm home, I'm on the computer. Literally, the only time I end up reading lately is at the Doctor's office when I'm waiting to see her, which is usually at least an hour wait, sometimes twice that.
  10. chronic

    What Are You Reading?

    Reading This Changes Everything by Naomi Klein. It's taking me a long time. It seems like the only time I read lately, other than online, has been when I'm waiting to see the doctor.
  11. chronic

    Ripping CDs, storing CDs, CDs CDs CDs!

    Thanks, MJP. I'm here from time to time, just trying to keep current on the world of Bukowski and to see how everyone's doing.
  12. chronic

    Ripping CDs, storing CDs, CDs CDs CDs!

    It's been quite some time since I did any ripping, but the gold standard tool for it at the time (about 5 years ago) was Exact Audio Copy. I would boot into windows on my mac (a pain in the ass) to use it just because it was such a great and accurate ripper. You might want to also consider...
  13. chronic

    MILK #3/4 double issue

    Glad to hear he's okay.
  14. chronic

    MILK #3/4 double issue

    Anyone heard from Josh lately? His last login here was early October. Hope he's doing okay.
  15. chronic

    William Burroughs

    There was a Burroughs exhibition at LACMA in 1994 (I think) and they had a full-sized, operating dream machine there. You could sit inside this circular kiosk while it turned. It wasn't the original machine but a replica.
  16. chronic

    Emigre #8

    It was probably something Emigre published to show off a new typeface. I had a little specimen booklet they sent me with an excerpt from a John Fante story... again, it was just to show off a typeface.
  17. chronic

    Good Documentaries

  18. chronic

    MILK #2

    Cool, but no... not his back... the far left edge of the chair should touch the fold... you'll see that the image cuts off there.