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  1. Ambreen

    Bands that drop Bukowski's name or reference his work...

    Sad but true. That's why I didn't even translate the lyrics... they're as boring as the rest. The band Bukowski (as well as the Hellfest Festival) is French; I have already quoted them in this thread.
  2. Ambreen

    Bands that drop Bukowski's name or reference his work...

    Here's Balbino Meddelin and his tribute song:
  3. Ambreen

    tales of ordinary madness

    Having always been curious about that movie, I am (at last!) going to watch it thanks to a French festival celebrating (at last!) Bukowski. I liked it too though some scenes made me feel sick. Werner Herzog + Klaus Kinski as Hank's alter ego would have been my "dream team" for a Bukowski...
  4. Ambreen

    When Bukowski rhymes with cosmetics ...
  5. Ambreen

    What are you listening to? The world really needs to know - III

    Like a Virgin covered by: Even his burps were attractive... And yesterday, I attended a hardcore night in a squat. Not really the kind of gigs I am fond of but the first band's bassist was a friend's friend. When the slams and violent mosh pits...
  6. Ambreen

    How to be a good writer

    Thanks. Someone showed me this poem on the web but it was titled "How to be a good writer", that's why the search engine didn't work.
  7. Ambreen

    How to be a good writer

    In which book can one find this poem please? (I have tried with the "search poems" engine but I haven't managed to find it)
  8. Ambreen

    Absence of the Hero

    Thank you Hank Solo!
  9. Ambreen

    What are you listening to? The world really needs to know - III

    Thank you for the suggestion, mjp. But I am already well informed of Stiv's habits thanks to Bebe Buell's dirty pretty stories in Please Kill Me. Did you happen to meet him the one and only night you played at CBGB's with the one and only Sonny Vincent? You are mistaking me with my youngest...
  10. Ambreen

    Absence of the Hero

    Can one find somewhere here the cover of The Outsider issue #3, with a Bukowski picture on it, about which a "well-known literary figure in England" wrote to Jon Webb: "How dare you run a face like that on your cover?" (cf the text titled The Outsider)?
  11. Ambreen

    What are you listening to? The world really needs to know - III

    I have at last read Please Kill me... ... and I am having a...
  12. Ambreen

    "Howl" with James Franco ? Please ....

    It hasn't come out in France yet; I am waiting for it... ... just for the cute James Franco. :D
  13. Ambreen

    Factotum, cardboard suitcase, Hamsun

    And also in several short stories, no? I remember having met it not only in Factotum. For instance very recently in one of the stories of your Absence of the Hero, that I am currently reading.
  14. Ambreen

    You Don't Know What Love Is (an evening with Charles Bukowski) by Raymond Carver

    Thanks Angus! I was looking for it and was sure that someone would have posted it here :-)
  15. Ambreen

    Apporte-moi ton amour

    "This story is about paranoia...blah blah blah...paranoia...blah blah blah...paranoia." Hey, don't forget he is a former football player.
  16. Ambreen

    Best movie moments

    As I have the head full of Nick Cave since I have seen him last month with his parallel band Grinderman, the scene to which I first think is the Nick Cave & the Bad Seeds gig scene at the end of Wim Wenders' Wings of desire. [This video is unavailable.]
  17. Ambreen

    Favorite line from Buk?

    I was looking for some phone numbers in my former diary when I came to leaf through the pages on which I wrote some Bukowski quotes. Among them, there was a line on Buk posted here by a guy (a certain Caraculo) whom I guess was a kind of troll, and which I noted because, however grotesque it...
  18. Ambreen

    The Thanksgiving turkey!

    I prefer boogers. They're free, tasty and said to be full of protein. I am not a fanatic, it's just the first time I hear of semi-vegetarianism and this is making me feel perplexed. I am not reproaching anything to Jocelyne, I thought she never ate meat, so I was very surprised when I...
  19. Ambreen

    The Thanksgiving turkey!

    But you told me several times that you were a vegetarian! Either you are a vegetarian, either you are not, that's all! And your "that's not cheap" and "economic reasons" don't work! A vegetarian can survive without buying special food. I never buy any and am still alive. :tongue:
  20. Ambreen

    1986 French story on Bukowski

    Thank you Digney in Burnaby ! Actually it's not a French documentary. TSR is a Swiss channel (from the French-speaking part of Switzerland) ;-) I've just seen it. He should have kicked the old slut's ass! Or at least replied to her with witty words to which she wouldn't have been able to...
  21. Ambreen

    The Thanksgiving turkey!

    That's too easy! If you eat turkey, you're NOT a vegetarian. :tongue:
  22. Ambreen

    The Thanksgiving turkey!

    Jocelyne, aren't you a vegetarian anymore?
  23. Ambreen

    What's the strangest thing that you have ever eaten?

    Come on, that's not a job for sweet little boys. :wink:
  24. Ambreen

    Ta gueule, Bukowski!

    The insult in itself hasn't reached any particular status (I think the author chose it as a title because it was probably the most direct one he found), that's the whole Bukowski appearance in Apostrophe that is considered as a cult episode. I remember that when I was a kid, it was shown and...