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    'down and out' literature

    I'm trying to assemble a list of "down and out" literature. Books about working-class people, poverty, urban life, petty criminals, etc. There is no hard-and-fast rule for this list, just whatever you think might fit. Both fiction and non-fiction interest me. Please add suggestions to this list...
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    Are there any chainsmokers on the forum? Anyone who has successfully quit? I've been smoking for about a year and have been having a hell of a time stopping. There's something very comforting about "taking a break" and going outside for a smoke. It breaks up the tedium of daily life. When I go...
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    open letter to self-published author I'm kind of curious what some members think about his statements.
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    look what i found...

    In trendy Mexico City it's Bukowski's Bar! Featuring Bukowski's jazz trio on saturday night. Esos sabados, ya son locos!
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    bukowski & insanity

    Any thoughts on the theme of insanity / madness in Bukowski's work? It's a big theme. Almost as big as the role of work.
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    wine poem

    "To Wine" by Jose Luis Borges In the bronze of Homer shines your name black wine that cheers the heart of man. Centuries upon centuries you go hand to hand From the rite of the Greek to the leather of the German In the dawn you exist. To the generations you gave in the path your fire and...
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    naked bukowski

    "when you cut into the present the future leaks out" - william s. burroughs When Jan brought the drink I drank it straight down. "Chinaski, you haven't been pulling your weight for a month and you know it." "Stop the shit, will you?" "You haven't been busting your ass, Chinaski." She went into...
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    motivational poster

    presented by my esteemed coworker.
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    Bukowski and work

    I've wanted to make this thread for a while. Basically, I would say working is a major theme in Bukowski's writing and also something that is probably not given as much attention as it should in literature. This is covered in depth in Russell Harrison's Against the American Dream. Harrison...
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    Most overrated novels

    Frankenstein by Mary Shelley. The plot doesn't make sense, the characters are over-emotional, and the style of writing drags on forever. And it's spawned multiple bad movies. It's like a cancer. Come on people, I know you've got more...
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    P.T. Anderson's "The Master"

    Opinions? I decided half way through this film that it was either a work of genius or an unfinished, poorly edited piece of crap. So I flipped a coin and it was craps up. There are elements of a good film in The Master. But only elements. Dodd and Quell could have been an interesting study...
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    W.H. Davies, Super-tramp

    See here: His wiki: Is anyone familiar with him? W.H. Davies was a poet in the early 20th century who lived as a tramp and hobo in America for a number of years until he was crippled due to a train...
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    Did Bukowski have periods?

    No, not the womanly kind. By 'periods' I mean different artistic or thematic periods, like Picasso. I'm hoping to get some feedback from people with more understanding of his output as a whole. Bukowski was so prolific I can't adequately answer this question based on my limited readings. (3...
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    this site is special

    This may be the only forum in the universe that my workplace doesn't have blocked. I win. favorite bukowski novel: factotum favorite bukowski poem: $$$$$$