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  1. chronic

    i want i want i want i need i need i need

    I deserve this.
  2. chronic

    Actor James Gandolfini dead at age 51

    Tony Soprano is dead:
  3. chronic

    Magic Slim, Chicago Bluesman, Dies At 75

    All of the old blues guys are dying off. Bummer.
  4. chronic

    Mark Twain is 177 years old today

    He doesn't look a day over 162.
  5. chronic

    What was this guy thinking?

    Watch his female co-anchor's face.
  6. chronic

    It pays to know your bible

    Found this on a friend's facebook page... thought some of you might appreciate it: Date: Wed, 02 Jun 2010 In her radio show, Dr Laura Schlesinger said that, as an observant Orthodox Jew, homosexuality is an abomination according to Leviticus 18:22, and cannot be condoned under any...
  7. chronic


    Is there a way that I can exclude this new section from searches for new posts? It's really annoying.
  8. chronic

    Jon edgar webb book

    I don't have any idea what the value is of this book, but in case anyone's interested, I found this on ebay. Nevermind. I looked on abe after I posted this. It's grossly overpriced here.
  9. chronic

    Just stumbled across this

    A matchbook by Jason D'Aquino
  10. chronic

    For people with strong stomachs

    Don't click play unless you really want to be disgusted.
  11. chronic

    No idea where to put this...

    ... but I thought it was funny. [This video is unavailable.]
  12. chronic

    All the assholes...

    On ebay. Overpriced but with a great inscription that I thought should be archived here.
  13. chronic

    Film Noir in L.A.

    Just a note in case anyone in the L.A. area is interested. The Academy is running a Summer series of great films noir. Some of the best titles have already sold out, but I have my eye on Kiss of Death (in which Richard Widmark pushes an old lady in a wheelchair down a flight of stairs) on August...
  14. chronic

    RIP Jack Herer

    The emperor of hemp has died:
  15. chronic

    Rare Bukowski For Sale

    Bukowski rarities for sale at
  16. chronic

    Happy birthday william s. Burg!!!

    I don't normally do this, but here's a special birthday shout-out to my bro, my main man, the po-est of the pomo... Willie!
  17. chronic

    Rare Bukowski Stuff

    I am financially fucked, emotionally fucked, fucked deep down in the soul (if there is such a thing). The only fucking that I'm not getting right now is the good kind. I offer here some Bukowski that I have to part with. It's all too heavy to carry with me anyway, so... The prices aren't...
  18. chronic

    I am watching...

    ... the most pathetic thing I've seen in a while. The Rock n Roll Hall of Fame Award show. I was just flipping through the channels and spotted The Stooges. They started to perform I Wanna Be Your Dog to all the evening gowns and gucci suits in the audience and at the first chorus, Iggy sings...
  19. chronic

    Just back from the desert

    Took the kids out to Joshua Tree for a couple of days. The campgrounds were full (they always are these days... when I used to go out there a lot about 15-20 years ago they were never full) so we stayed at the Joshua Tree Inn, not realizing when we checked in that this was the motel where Gram...
  20. chronic

    The Road

    Saw the movie the other night hoping that it might be better than the book. Well... it wasn't.
  21. chronic

    The Lives of Others

    Has anyone else seen this? A really really good film. Why can't they make movies as good as this in America?
  22. chronic

    700,000 Pot Legalization Signatures Filed in California

    HERE The only downside to this is that it will probably make the tobacco companies rich again. VOTE SPLIFF
  23. chronic

    Howard Zinn dead at 87
  24. chronic

    New toy on the market

    This looks kind of cool, especially if you travel a lot. So, who wants to buy one for me?
  25. chronic


    Just watched this for the first time in at least 20 years. A great sleazy grindhouse splatter film from 1980, starring Joe Spinell as Frank Zito, a New York serial killer who scalps women and then nails the scalps to the heads of mannequins that he keeps in his apartment (where he also keeps a...