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  1. Joe Batters

    Fabulous Furry Freak Brothers.

    Hi everyone, Just wondering if we've got any fans of the comic on the site. If so, any cool links or insider information would be appreciated.. Happy New Year!
  2. Joe Batters

    Hemmingway, drunk before noon.

    Hi, Anyone ever see that picture that Buk describes in many of his stories?
  3. Joe Batters

    Reading Buk while depressed?

    I probably shouldn't have used the word depressed, actually. But I seem to read him a bit more when I'm in some kind of funk. Anyone else? Sorry for the weak thread. I'm just curious. Thanks.
  4. Joe Batters Revealed Thread

    If this is a bad idea, please feel free to delete. I was just curious what some of our borders looked like.
  5. Joe Batters

    Hello Bukowski.Net

    I finally registered again after putting poor MJP through a bunch of crappy admin chores to help me regain my original username. I originally posted under the name Madbull and I look forward to being as nondescript as I was before. Still, it's good to be back and able to post. Even if it's...
  6. Joe Batters

    Bukowski and drug use

    A few short stories where he mentions taking pills. And I can think of two where he discusses coke. Seems like a man like Bukowski wouldn't go for the coke. No reason to say that, but I think with his fondness for the alky, the coke wouldn't get him where he liked to be. And probably...
  7. Joe Batters

    Tom Waits

    I stated once here on the forum that I didn't quite get what Waits does and why he appeals to many people. I always unjustly assumed he was doing some Bukowski schtick or whatever. But since I've heard some people tag Buk with some of the same criticism. Seedy, unconventional, weird, etc...
  8. Joe Batters

    Lenny Bruce fans? (Thank you, Masked Man)

    I don't normally like to embed Youtube videos, but I thought the Lenny Bruce fans would get a kick out of this. Although if you're a fan, you've probably viewed this several times. I love the humorous Jewish angles.
  9. Joe Batters

    How about some advice from the pros?

    Hi everyone, I'm doing some Christmas shopping and I'd like to buy my girlfriend her first Bukowski book. I've turned a few people on to Buk by just randomly handing out whatever books I've had lying around at the moment. However in this case, I'd like to get her something more with...
  10. Joe Batters

    Link - Charles Bukowski Ate My Balls

    I know, I know. I'm boarding from 1997 or so. I just noticed this today for the first time in ten years and it cracked me up. Feel free to delete it, MJP or mods. The lack of sophistication during edits made me laugh.
  11. Joe Batters

    A Bukowski line that made you laugh out loud!

    I was pretty young when I started reading Bukowski and I really didn't get a lot of the humor that he put down. As I get older, read more and lurk on this forum I can see it a bit more clearly. Hopefully.
  12. Joe Batters

    The new photo on the homepage..

    It's very interesting. Any background on that photo? B. looks very thin and quite old. Was this taken during one of his bouts with ill health? I dig the bathrobe.
  13. Joe Batters

    Certain characters in Bukowski stories.

    I asked once about the Jewish kid who was studying to be a rabbi who has been mentioned in many Bukowski stories. Another I've been wondering about is a man Bukowski had known who came into some money and split for Spain. Ending up being humiliated because his wife slept with the mayor of the...
  14. Joe Batters

    Mainly for the women of the forum..

    I was looking at photo's of Bukowski yesterday. Both here and on the web. I think Bukowski really started to grow into his look around the time of Post Office being published. Growing his hair out, growing the beard, etc. My favorite Buk photo besides the one where's he's posing in a driveway...
  15. Joe Batters

    knowing Bukowski...

    I joined this forum back in march and get here infrequently. I do however find it very informative and I enjoy reading older posts as well as the most recent ones. I see there is a core group of regular members with frequent postings. When reading some of these posts. I get an impression...
  16. Joe Batters

    Bukowski at the track

    Two part question. In many Bukowski stories, he details various systems he used at the racetrack. Has anyone ever put any of his theories in effect at the racetrack? Some of the stories are very detailed and seem to be possible with the very little I know about racing. Besides a few...
  17. Joe Batters

    Noob Alert!

    Hey Name is Shane. I'm 31. I saw this site a few years ago and didn't bother registering it because I was too lazy. I also didn't care what anyone else thought of the great man. I'm a little older now, not much wiser, but a whole hell of a lot more curious about Mr. Bukowski than I...