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  1. d gray

    The Bukowski forum is closing

    and always remember..."bon't try..." 💘
  2. d gray

    Bukowsky Written Up As A Woman

    chuck taylor...why do i feel like i've walked a mile in his shoes...🙄
  3. d gray

    Shits and Giggles

    the world is truly going/gone insane. the guy in the truck didn't like the way the other guy parked so he scratched his vehicle then tried to run the guy over. video follows.
  4. d gray

    Crumb interview

    excellent article.
  5. d gray

    All That Jazz

  6. d gray

    Guitars, basses and other noisemakers

    well, now we know why she broke up the beatles - she was secretly working for the stones, and infiltrated the fabs in order to commit internal sabotage. she's even worse than we all thought!
  7. d gray

    art & artists

    i know. i mean i don't know... i like the artist who did that - he's done some really interesting stuff. don't even know my point in posting that article. and people bought it! literally and figuratively.
  8. d gray

    art & artists
  9. d gray

    art & artists

    that's funny cause i had a longwinded reply ready to go that included referring to what you said as cynical (among other things) but i deleted it cause i was so salty after reading esart's post i was risking crossing into "don't be an asshole" territory. not that what you said isn't true, it...
  10. d gray

    art & artists

    no that's not what i mean...
  11. d gray

    art & artists

    i never said i thought his art is "shit" if you're referring to me. i don't - i can appreciate it and be moved by it's qualities. i'm sure he's got integrity. what i think is bullshit is that so many contemporary collectors need a snobbish director or someone they hire to tell them why...
  12. d gray

    Sunday before noon - introduction

    good luck with that one! i think it's one of his "make what you will of it" poems. i bet even he couldn't tell you.
  13. d gray

    art & artists
  14. d gray

    art & artists
  15. d gray

    What did PhillyDave Do on his day off?

    how's life in backwards world?
  16. d gray

    Factotum - broken clock scene

    the most interesting thing about this thread is that you took the time to actually do the calculations to find out they were wrong! in a good way, i mean.
  17. d gray

    Factotum - broken clock scene

    i'm surprised john martin didn't notice and correct that...
  18. d gray

    Didn’t you?!

    it doesn't ring a bell but i'll do some searching and see what i can find.
  19. d gray

    Didn’t you?!

    i know, i wasn't referring to you. just the negative attitude to dating fat women in general. they have enough on their plate already...
  20. d gray

    Didn’t you?!

    what's wrong with dating a fat lady?
  21. d gray