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  1. jmoshea

    Book Repair

    I saw this and thought of all the serious book collectors here at I am absolutely out of my element here, but maybe some of the links are helpful?:
  2. jmoshea

    The Best Collection of Buk's Short Stories

    OK, I am ashamed of myself... I've read all the novels and quite a bit of his poetry. But can you tell me where to start to get into Buk's short stories? I tried and failed to find a thread that specifically addresses this question...I know I must be forum-challenged Is it Tales of...
  3. jmoshea


    I have recently been re-reading The Last Night of the Earth Poems, and I have to say that some of my favorite of Buk's poems are in this book. I just read the poem I name in the title of this thread and I was curious to know who he was talking about...what ex idol. I did a search and came up...
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    Justin Hyde ...

    I would be interested to hear what people here at have to say about this: Especially those who have read his work.
  5. jmoshea

    Poems - Why they like Buk
  6. jmoshea

    new to the board...

    I have been a Bukowski fan ever since a bright orange cover caught my eye in a bookstore some 20 years ago and I picked up a copy Burning in Water, Drowning in Flame. I thought it was the coolest title I ever heard. Then I got into the words and never looked back. I concentrated on his poetry...
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    New Chapbook - James O'Shea

    My first chapbook, Ghost Scenes on my Mind's Eye, is now available from Scintillating Publications. Why don't you buy a copy? Send $6 in cash or a check or money order made out to Joseph Veronneau here: Joseph Veronneau 21 Russell St. Burlington VT 05401 Not sure if you would like my...