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    existentialism for dummies...

    was reading this and found our hero listed among the "ten great works of existentialist literature" !!! (sorry it copied as blocktext.) Run with the Hunted, by Charles Bukowski If one of the misanthropic characters from an existential novel got up and walked around in real life, he’d...
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    Seen any bad movies lately?

    this was so bad! huge potential but a huge miss -
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    "Sharing great quality recordings officially unreleased. All files are on free file-hosting sites."
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    sotheby's auction
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    Hendrix article from -
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    Alt Press Publications...

    archive of Alt Press publications. haven't searched it yet but looks like it could have some stuff.
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    The 5th Ramone Speaks!

    interview with monte melnick
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    Master Collection?

    anyone seen this? - saw it on Spotify - looks like a mish-mash of stuff from various audio sources. btw the "Riot" recording is on spotify but for some reason the pitch is slowed down so he sounds like andre the giant.
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    BBC radio doc

    sorry if already posted -
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    terror street at sotheby's - dec 11 (and Bukowski site and forum stats)
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    Swann Auctions

    not sure if this has made the rounds. minor auction results from Swann -
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    couldn't find a thread for this.
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    history of Columbia Records...
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    50 Watts article from the atlantic - Lacking the burdens of tradition, bloggers are increasingly functioning as collectors and curators of design. A close look at a good example, 50 Watts...
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    hackford film...

    sorry if this is a repost - relatively high quality version
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    most overrated albums...

    the guardian asked some musicians what they thought the most overrated albums were
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    Up To Now - film by carol es

    just checked it out - it's great! congrats to carol and collaborators. really well done
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    Collectors Weekly

    cool site
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    Seen any good movies lately?

    don't think there's a thread just for non-docs? great flick. worth it just for john goodman.
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    alec baldwin - "good bye public life"

    alec baldwin says good bye to public life with a 5000 word the public. i love this guy!
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    the visual art thread!
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    beatles/rock memorabilia auction...
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    Columbia artists - cool old photos
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    heritage auctions items...