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    need original short story names of a german release, please

    Hi, in 1977 'Fuck Machine' was released in germany. A collection of stories, containing two of my favs. One is named "Die Einsamkeit nach Feierabend" and contains the description of someones (Buks?) after work time. He puts off his clothes, rests on the bed, opens the first beer can etc. The...
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    (Foreign) Bukowski Readers

    Recently I listened to a german audiobook with c.b. short stories read by german actor Martin Semmelrogge. I think he's doing a good job. is a sample. Compared to Semmelrogge to me.
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    A good beating...

    Anybody there, who got beaten by his parents during childhood? All those beatings undoubtedly seem to be a significant event in Bukowski live in many ways. I got some beatings, not often, but if it happend it became pretty ugly. I think, to be beaten regularly like Bukowski was, is far more...
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    Why did Bukowski marry?

    It surprised me. I thought every civil institution was like a prison for him.
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    Have you ever been dead broke?

    Did you ever a. open your fridge just to see the white interior and nothing else? b. own a purse with not more than 20 cent in it at the same time? c. realize that there is nobody who could help you in this situation? Perhaps some people would consider this condition as the end of their...
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    good evening everybody...

    ...i hope, you have enough beer in your fridge ;) well, i'm just another 9to5 boycotter from germany, equiped with poor school english. i'm not so much interessted in bukowski's works, more in his point of view concerning life. the bukowski tapes really impressed me. it was like finding a...