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    Large Celine/Bukowski order with each book shipping separately-- why?

    This is definitely a First World problem, but it is also very annoying, so I decided to post about it and see if anyone else has had a similar experience. Barnes and Noble recently had a "20% off if you spend $100" sale, and it seemed like a good time to add Bukowski books that I'm still...
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    The Bukowski/classical music link

    I'm curious-- how many people here either first came to love classical music through reading Bukowski, or greatly expanded and deepened their understanding and enjoyment of said music through encountering his work? I'm in the latter group. I could never thank Hank enough for the...
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    Hello, all-- Buk fan since '93 here!

    Hello, everyone! I was pleased to recently (finally!) find this forum for the 20th-century writer who (along with the great Flannery O'Connor) speaks to me most! I first encountered Bukowski's work in 1993 with his late-career-classic collection, The Last Night of the Earth Poems. To this...