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  1. westcoast

    Help finding a poem?

    I am looking for a poem by Bukowski, maybe someone can help. It was about a fellow drinker in a bar, his name was Fred, and he always sat and drank alone. 'He spent more time in the bar than me, and that was saying something' (approx. quote). Someone recently did a reading of it on Youtube but...
  2. westcoast

    Instances of B crying?

    Are there any instances of B. crying described in any books by and about him? The only one I remember is where someone was walking with him in his old neighbourhood and they passed a bar and B. started crying and said 'If only you knew how many lonely hours I spent in places like that' (or...
  3. westcoast

    Why was Buk rejected from the military?

    Hello from a new member from Canada. I recall mention of Buk receiving '4-F' status that excluded him from the military. I think in 'Born into This' he mentioned something about the army psychiatrist rejected him. Was he considered to have mental problems? Is that why he was rejected?