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  1. nymark

    Montfort archive at PBA

    Here's the Montfort archive for sale on September 11th at Pacific Book Auction. It looks like everything is uploaded but there still may be a few stragglers. Some tasty morsels.
  2. nymark

    Flower Fist eBay auction

    This is a lot of money but I'm telling you this was a fucking steal. A much lesser copy sold at the Runfola auction last June for a lot more that this. This copy is in perfect condition. And it's inscribed. If the economy wasn't in the shitter this would have sold for close to double.
  3. nymark

    Candidate Middle of Left-Right Center - some revisionist history

    This one has been collected but not by Black Sparrow. I post it for the edification and enlightenment of those who have wasted their energies damning Martin for his supposed revisions to Bukowski's work. Here we have a poem published in 1961 in San Francisco Review No. 8 (on the left). It next...
  4. nymark

    12,000 Dollars In 3 Months...

    I'm posting the version 12,000 Dollars in 3 Months... from Midwest No. 4, 1962, and the version from Roominghouse Madrigals for comparison purposes. But I have another question aside from the changes. Can anyone tell me what the green pen notations are in my copy of Midwest? Isn't that usually...
  5. nymark

    down the silver river with one shoe off

    Another oddity from Cave 4, November 1973. What do you think?
  6. nymark

    Cave 4 cover/A Hot Tip on the Future

    Here's the cover of Cave 4, a little out of New Zealand from 1973 with an interesting photo of Bukowski. Below that is A Hot Tip on the Future which, according to the database, is uncollected. It's not so special. A brief word about all my photos: I take them with my mobile phone in poor...
  7. nymark

    The Fourth Annual Buk Poetry Reading

    Don't miss The Fourth Annual NYC Charles Bukowski Tribute Reading at the intimate Cornelia Street Cafe in the heart of the Greenwich Village. An event that would have made Bukowski wretch.
  8. nymark

    no title at all...

    This morsel is from Midwest No. 2, 1961.
  9. nymark

    The Hippies and the Killer

    From Cave 4, November 1973. An obscure poetry mag out of New Zealand. This issue features a Bukowski section with a cover photo that rivals Erections, etc. for its hideousness. Also an essay, Notes of a Dirty Old Man (An Introduction to Charles Bukowski) by G.J. Melling.
  10. nymark

    Inscribed first edition paperbacks

    A group of inscribed paperbacks were just auctioned off on eBay. I haven't seen a mention of these and thought they were mildly interesting. The books belonged to Bill Barisoff. Barisoff was an agent for jockeys who passed away in August. Most of the inscriptions have a horse/track theme and are...
  11. nymark

    on being recognized

    Here's some more fuel for the fire. I wasn't going to post this but I find all the hissy fits entertaining. This is on being recognized which appears in Ransom Weirdness #1 and also in a slightly different form in War All The Time. Just a few word changes and a deleted line. Enough to work...
  12. nymark

    I'll Take It All... - Random Weirdness #1 - October, 1983

    According to the database this only exists as a manuscript but it appears in Random Weirdness #1. It's published out of Chicago and includes a few poems by Harry Calhoun (publisher of Pig in a Pamphlet) and a couple by Ann Menebroker. I don't know why this was never collected. I kind of like it.
  13. nymark

    Men's Crapper - INTREPID - March, 1967

    I did a quick search and it doesn't look like this has been posted yet. Apologies if it's a repeat. Such an elegant piece!
  14. nymark

    down by the wings

    Also from Wild Dog #13, but this one is collected in THE DAYS RUN AWAY. I posted it because there are a couple of differences between the two.
  15. nymark

    the vile world of windows and hammers --

    Also uncollected from Wild Dog #13.
  16. nymark


    Also uncollected from Wild Dog #13.
  17. nymark

    the madness of the windows

    This is uncollected. It's from Wild Dog #13. January 12, 1965.
  18. nymark

    I've Fought Them From the Moment I Saw Light From the Womb

    This is from Sun #1 (1961). It's reprinted in Slouching Toward Nirvana but with some differences.
  19. nymark

    10:30 P.M.

    This is from Sun #1 (1961). An interesting cover. Looks like a woodblock print.
  20. nymark

    Fast Pace

    I don't *think* this one has been posted. It's from the January 1962 issue of Brand "X", which is a pretty flimsy publication. Just five 8 1/2 x 11 pages stapled in the upper left corner. Happy new year, everyone.
  21. nymark

    You Can't Get Something Without The Belly-Ache Of A Bullet, And I Guess The Mushroom Now

    This is from SIMBOLICA (1961). I conducted a search and I don't *think* it's been posted yet. All apologies if it's a repeat.
  22. nymark

    Interesting tidbit from STORY magazine

    I bought a copy of STORY from 1936 for a Graham Green short story and stumbled across this interesting mention on the last page ad. It sounds like the author had a terrifying experience!
  23. nymark

    A *ahem* brilliant new column on books

    I debated whether or not to post this. I don't have the time to hang out here as much as I use to, so it feels self indulgent to suddenly resurface to promote something. But I've decided it's a lesser evil and a pardonable offense. Plus, I cleared it with the boss. Over the summer, the editor...
  24. nymark

    Which Bukowski title should my sister use in class?

    My sister is a professor at a college in upstate New York. She teaches English, rhetoric and gender studies. I received the following message from her last night: I need a good Bukowski book for fall (I have to submit my book list in two weeks). The class is Language and Gender and I want to...
  25. nymark

    Outsider 4/5

    I have a copy of The Outsider 4/5 that belonged to contributor David Meltzer. There are a couple of nice inserts, including the page proof of Meltzer's contribution. There's also two letters from Jon Webb. The first letter is dated November 20, 1968 and is a fascinating look into the printing...