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    Buk and Fante For Sale

    I've just listed some interesting titles on e-bay, seller name mdb123davis. I've got a nice HC/DJ BSP 12th printing of You Get So Alone Sometimes, John Fante's Dreams From Bunker Hill, 1st BSP Trade HC/DJ (this is the fourth in the Arturo Bandini saga); His son Dan Fante's collected poems: A...
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    Fante For Sale

    I have about four 1st edition Fante's on e-bay at very good prices: West of Rome, Wine of Youth, Full of Life, Brotherhood of Grape. All nice BSP HC trade 1sts. Check em out. Thanks. Markdb
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    New E-Bay Listings Buk, Fante, Bowles

    Just thought I would let you know that I am selling some interesting items on e-bay: Bukowski: 2 New Years greetings; Fante: Ask The Dust, 1st, signed limited, and Brotherhood of the Grape, 1st Trade; Bowles: The Spider's House, 1st, signed, limited, all BSP, all lovely condition and at really...
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    Factotum and Pulp E-Bay

    I just posted two Bukowski books for sale on e-bay if anyone is interested. They are the 1st British edition of Factotum and a signed, limited Pulp. My seller Id is mdb123davis. Check 'em out. Thanks
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    When Will Buk Market Improve?

    Does anyone have a sense of when the market will improve for selling limited Buk books? I have been itching to post pieces of my collection on E-bay but can wait to improve my return. Is this cyclical, i.e., can we definitely expect things to pick up at end of summer? or is this recent down...
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    He's Back

    Erik: I see the crazy Frenchman is bidding on your lot of 4 Sparrows. Hope he drives the price up for you.
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    Prices on EBay

    I was amazed to see reprint BSP paperbacks (not even 1st editions) of South of No North and Factotum and one or two others recently selling on E-Bay (British seller and I assume British bidders) for unbelieveable prices, like $45 and $75. I can't figure out why because these Brit sellers and...
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    Melbourne House Edition of Post Office

    Can anyone tell me the history of british editions of Post Office? Searches reveal a London Magazines Edtion from 1974 that I thought was the UK first. But there is also the Melbourne House edition from 1980 with the cover illustration of one of Bukowski's drawings that sellers also call the...
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    Just Signed Up

    Just finished reading my new mint signed copy of Fire Station and in the aftermath of my excitement of having added this missing piece to my collection, thought I would spread the joy to others who can appreciate. Mark