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  1. jabble

    The Last Night of the Earth Poems

    From "days like razors, nights full of rats" but I remember one fellow who wrote an entire book in which he proved that the moon was not there and he did it so well that afterwards you thought, he's absolutely right, the moon is not there. Anyone have an idea who this is? P.S...
  2. jabble

    Bukowski's Favorite Musical

    We all know he liked the classical, if that is the proper term, but who? How? Where? I nominate Stravinsky
  3. jabble

    Cracked Skull?

    remember him writing about this in one of his later collective works. Then I read it in so did he crack his skull?
  4. jabble

    Favorite Bukowski Work?

    mine is the poem " A report upon the consumption of myself". Hearing Bukowski read that is sublime. I'm a panther corked out and bellowing and so on on Poems and Insults