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  1. bmcg

    Sold Crucifix in a Deathhand + signed note from Jon Webb to customer

    Crucifix comes with two flyers, one fine print with a hand written signed note to a customer from John Webb. Have this on ebay but anyone here interested for (US) 350 for the book and ephemera it's yours - we can work out P&P after. Please PM me if you are interested. Thanks everyone. I have...
  2. bmcg

    Apporte-moi ton amour

    As surprised as Matthew Simmons With 'Looking For Eric' getting plenty of press I came across this little titbit: "In 2002 Cantona made his directing debut with a short, Bring Me Your Love/Apporte-Moi Ton Amour, based on a Charles Bukowski story." Anyone seen it?