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  1. roni

    The Bukowski forum is closing

    Hannah, I AM DEEPLY GRATEFUL and can't thank you enough for what you've created und run here. I always said that and I mean it. I also thank you enormously for your will to keep the public forum accessible in read-only mode. It will remain a priceless source for thousands of people. Not to...
  2. roni

    Link to Bukowski

    Nice idea. Too late though.
  3. roni

    Timeline contributions

    Did you try via email? I could provide you with his mail-addy, if you'd want to give it another shot. Gerry has always been open and friendly, also attending the symposia of the Bukowski-Society a couple of times. But in the last years I got the impression, that he's a little tired to talk...
  4. roni

    art & artists

    after Warhol you can't do a banana anymore. just like after Magritte you just can't do an apple (which Yoko Ono didn't realize in 1966).
  5. roni

    What are you listening to? The world really needs to know. Volume 8

    Madonna: This Used To Be My Playground "Say goodbye to yesterday - these are words I'll never say."
  6. roni

    "The Shower" as seen in Born Into This

    to be complete (and sorry the language is German): bibliographical data of the mag: ROCKS. No 2/2013. p.88 .
  7. roni

    For sale 11 original PAINTINGS from 1975 (individual sale each) NOT tipped-in into books, but standalone

    Christmas comes fast now . . . For SALE: 11 Original Bukowski-paintings / all from July 1975 or shortly before / size ca 9x5¾" (23x15 cm) provenience: Filmmaker Thomas Schmitt who purchased them directly from Bukowski at his visit in July 1975 note: these paintings are ready-to-frame...
  8. roni

    on German TV: The "Big White Book" sold for approx 1,700.- USD

    in the German TV docutainment "Bares für Rares" on Nov 9, 2020 The "Big White Book" sold for 1.400,- EUR (approx 1,700.- USD) without slipcase and having stains on the backcover! The expert was quite okay, but listening to the bunch of clueless bidders was annoying beyond belief. watch it here:
  9. roni

    Bukowski-discussion-panel with daughter, friend and leading scholars - video online

    If you're not exactly in for the whole experience of nearly 2 hours, here's my recommendation for the best single part by each participant [Marina gets 2]: - MARINA: 26:20 - 29:50 / 1:42:14 - 1:43.52 - NEELI: 48:41 - 53:34 - ABEL: 18:52 - 22:22 - DAVID: 1:04:10 - 1:08:40 - RONI...
  10. roni

    Charles Bukowski Timeline - now in print

    Here's my preface to it. The full PDF will come soon.
  11. roni

    Bukowski-discussion-panel with daughter, friend and leading scholars - video online

    The Cultural Arts Committee at Harper College in Palatine, IL had a Bukowski-discussion-panel online via Zoom on Fri, Oct 30, which was recorded and now put on youtube. Participants: - Kurt Hemmer (host) - Marina Bukowski (Hank's daughter) - Neeli Cherkovski (old friend of his') - David...
  12. roni

    art & artists

    Yes, Benedikt Taschen is a marvelous publisher. If you're into Warhol-artbooks like this new one, you might also have a look at this:
  13. roni

    The Bukowski forum is closing

    yeah, I was just about.
  14. roni

    Bukowski would visit both Rudolph Valentino and Tyrone Powers graves?

    ... and she was engaged in the entertainment-industry, so this may be the link to the actors. Besides Valentino was a remarkable chigolo, just as Hank at this time.
  15. roni

    Factotum - broken clock scene

    my wild guess would be that he didn't care. p.s. I too think, the scene was funny, at least in the movie.
  16. roni

    Bukowski bookshelf

    in this very bookshelf in San Pedro, seperating the living-room from the dining-room and kitchen, there were only books by himself.
  17. roni

    Does someone know who Stella is?

    I know a girl who's name is Stella indeed. But she's in Germany. ;-)
  18. roni

    The final two live readings performed by Charles Bukowski archived as a quality 4 disc limited edition vinyl record box set

    Let me put it that way: To convince Thomas Schmitt to digitize his whole Buk-video-material (which had been sleeping on some shelfes for over 40 years, magnetic-band!, slowly fading away) took me 3 years, but only ca. 4,000.- USD and since then we not only have the FULL reading Bukowski gave in...
  19. roni

    Bukowski Transgender feelings?

    thanks for making me aware of an English word I didn't know. Of course it all is a huge conspiracy. Bukowski tortured little children in caves to swallow their blood and invented Covid to establish a worldwide dictatorship of horse-racing. But why did you have to come out with these facts...
  20. roni

    Charles Bukowski Timeline - now in print

    p.s.: This is what it looks like inside:
  21. roni

    Charles Bukowski Timeline - now in print

    o.k., kids, you can now buy this piece. Shipping to the US for up to 2 copies (=500g) makes 3,70 EUR. So, one book incl shipping makes approx 19.- USD. (2 books incl. shipping make about 33.-USD) NOTE: You do not need to buy a physical copy if you're just after the data - I will post the PDF...
  22. roni

    Crucifix in a Deathhand title

    Depends a lot on the condition you'd request. If you can live with a couple of minor flaws (and assuming you're no hardcore collector, you definitely can) it goes at amazingly cheap prizes. This IS, what I call amazingly cheap. I've bought mine for about 250.- USD somewhen around 2004-2006 and...
  23. roni

    Database updated

    ok, I'll solve this riddle. - Poque didn't show a seperate (additional) True-Story page, but a close up of the same (for reading-convenience, I guess). - The folding-lines appear to be correct and matching, when you put every bit in its right place. Like so: I can't remember having ever...
  24. roni

    Did Bukowski buy books

    He owned a copy of Schopenhauer's "Parerga and Paralipomena", which were sent to him as a gift by a German guy named Ulrich Aigner in 1984 (which goes to show, how he came to nod so much to Schopenhauer in "You Get So Alone", 1986).
  25. roni

    if you like bukowski...

    jpb230659, you are right. sorry.