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    iPad Meets Antique Typewriter

    For you old school types (i think)
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    How much did he really drink?

    he drank this much and then he drank much more
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    Free ebook Charles Bukowski spit In My Face - One Day Special

    i would've whipped his living ass! haha no... i'd like to say i'd of hit him and given him a hell of a story to write and i'm sure you kicked yourself in the teeth over that for quite some time... but i'm from a different time and a different place and i'm glad i'm here to read about such an...
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    Free ebook Charles Bukowski spit In My Face - One Day Special

    It was a good read, Thanks!
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    the absolute LAST buk book

    I also like it. Bukowski's take on a detective novel humors the heck out of me.
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    Free ebook Charles Bukowski spit In My Face - One Day Special

    I can not figure out how to download it, do I need a Kindle? "you can download a free copy of my Kindle ebook," I'm not sure but I'm guessing this answers my question
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    Crazy Love

    I would also enjoy a free copy of the movie! :)
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    Crazy Love

    Where can I play this at, jew? When I click the file to open it opens up winamp and does not play.
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    Lady Gaga

    No she looks like Marilyn Manson
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    What are you listening to? The world really needs to know - Mark IV

    Marvin Pontiac - Pancakes! Anyone familiar with this guy??
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    Bukowski tattoos

    back tattoos on women usually have me thinking that it's sex related (unless it says RIP NANA etc.) Like Stav said, something to look at when doing it like my dogs bam bam and pebbles do. call me closed minded. I usually don't conciously think that but it always gives me the impression. Usually...
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    Young blood

    Would the duct tape be used on the book or the child?
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    all things baseball. if you swing that way

    Something like that... Thanks for rubbing the dirt in the wound and I wish your superior area's sports team the best of luck! :hmh:
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    all things baseball. if you swing that way

    Ha! You're funny! :DD
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    Tom Waits

    I did listen to it when this was first posted and loved it. Waits is one of the few musicians after so many years still keeping it freshly mind blowing! I'd love to have this mp3 and a few friends of mine would like a listen, a little help please?
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    Comcast: On Demand

    Oh I hate Comcast as well! Anytime I have a problem with my service I have to yell at those cock suckers just to make them do their job. I wanted FiOS but it isn't available on my block... I work with a few guys who sell FiOS and they were gonna give me part of their commission just for letting...
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    Comcast: On Demand

    I'm not entirely how far this service stretches through out the Nation but I'm curious as to what like minded readers are enjoying on this thing. What movies, TV shows, documentaries or anything in between have you and/or are you enjoying with it? I get bored surfing it so I'm looking for...
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    all things baseball. if you swing that way

    Your lover isn't doing much tonight nor is your team for that matter! :p I'll bet my entire Bukowski collection that Zimmerman doesn't pull in another run this series and to sweeten the deal if you guys win this series I'll book mark my every single favorite Buk poem with a dollar.
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    GG Allin: "Drink, Fight and Fuck"

    Your insights always put a smile on my face mjp.
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    GG Allin: "Drink, Fight and Fuck"

    GG in Charlie Mansons band! HA... It could mix even with all the hippie shit. I also dig some of Manson's music
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    GG Allin: "Drink, Fight and Fuck"

    GG Allin is filmed beating up a female and throwing her out a hotel room after coming back without shit, this I can see Bukowski, his alter-ego or even his myth doing after a female promises to show up with booze but doesn't. Being a complete asshole when asked to appear at a University to read...