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  1. marina del rey

    Bukowski's Women go fashionista

    The fashion world is nothing new to Bukowski. [This video is unavailable.]
  2. marina del rey

    3"x5" Card on ebay

    Neither the dog nor the signature look legit to me. That reminds me of Malcolm Gladwell's book, Blink, which is about the subconscious process of intuition. One of the stories in it was about a Greek statue that was purchased by the Getty Museum for about $10M. When they had brought in their...
  3. marina del rey

    BUKOWSKI 1963 - It Catches My Heart in It's Hands - w/ Original painting & poem

    The hand writing seems odd to me as well. Even the message itself doesn't sound like Bukowski to me - it sounds like someone trying to sound like Bukowski. I do think the art is his, and the silver color from the writing is also present in the painting. It's certainly strange, though.
  4. marina del rey

    You Call That Shit "Country" ?!?!

    That station is the singular reason that I subscribe to SiriusXM.
  5. marina del rey

    MILK #3/4 double issue

    Yes, there will be a limited hardcover edition. We are still debating which scent to go with, however.
  6. marina del rey

    MILK #3/4 double issue

    Ahh, no, you're just much more perceptive than me. There wasn't any pattern intended with it. I'm not that clever, unfortunately. I think it would have been a pretty hard to maintain that pattern as the issues got higher in number, anyway. Thanks. I'll post pre-order information here once we...
  7. marina del rey

    MILK #3/4 double issue

    Not sure I entirely get it, but we haven't quite settled on our cover design for this one yet. Bill has some really cool ideas that we're looking into, so it'll probably be a slightly different format and size from the first 2 issues.
  8. marina del rey

    Bukowski poetry collections specifically related to women/sex

    He's not. But I think your point remains the same.
  9. marina del rey

    MILK #2

    You got it. Thanks.
  10. marina del rey

    MILK #3/4 double issue

    Thank you everyone, but the kudos should really go to Abel. He's put in a lot of work to get this issue going!
  11. marina del rey

    MILK #2

    Yes, it is, but my webmaster is easily distracted, so he never actually got around to posting it for sale on the website. (By the way, my webmaster is me.) I have about 15-20 softcovers still available and one hardcover remaining. I'll post this for sale on the website at the same time I do...
  12. marina del rey

    MILK #3/4 double issue

    MILK #3/4 will be published soon. It will be a special issue co-edited by Abel Debritto and me, and published by Bill Roberts at Bottle of Smoke Press. We are excited to announce that this issue will contain previously unpublished work by the following poets: Alexander Adams Margaret Atwood...
  13. marina del rey

    Female authors

    I thought Clock Without Hands was sad and beautiful.
  14. marina del rey


    Yes, I saw it several months ago on the Syfy Channel. If you're into bad movies, it's a pretty good one. I believe they're making Sharknado 2 later this year.
  15. marina del rey

    The Fall (Family Guy)

    Stewie and Brian destroyed it in that episode right before Brian was killed. Stewie tried to rebuild it after Brian dies, but he couldn't get all of the parts he needed. They actually did something similar to that a few seasons ago when Stewie killed Lois. It was a two part episode and at...
  16. marina del rey

    HAPPY BIRTHDAY, Hoochmonkey9!

    Hey, happy birthday man!
  17. marina del rey

    MILK #2

    I received a good portion of the paperback edition from Bill, and those that I had have all shipped out. Now about half of the softcover edition of 100 are still available, and those should be available to ship in the next week or two.The original 15 that we planned for the hardcover edition...
  18. marina del rey

    Bukowski material up for auction at PBA Galleries on October 10th (and Frank Nettelbeck)

    I think Gunn was just using the Malone copy as a price reference, not trying to sell that actual copy. I believe he had a different one, if I recall correctly.
  19. marina del rey

    What are you listening to? The world really needs to know. #5

    I think it's just a reference to using Codeine as a relaxant to calm her down. By the way, Jason Isbell is one of the best songwriters alive in my humble opinion.