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  1. number6horse

    Bukowski-discussion-panel with daughter, friend and leading scholars - video online

    Congratulations! Harper is a great local resource. They have a really good Pre-Nursing RN/LPN program. Glad to see their artistic side now, too.
  2. number6horse

    What are you drinking?

    I have been spending more on the fruit juice/mixer/seltzer and saving money on the "budget" vodka. It's quite thrifty... though I'm still not rich.....(maybe my Wealth-Thru-Vodka Strategy is overrated?) dog sister's a nun.......
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    You chose a pretty good 12 oz. drinking companion there. Cheers.
  4. number6horse

    Good Documentaries

    Not exactly a documentary but found footage of New York city (Manhattan) in 1911. The sound effects are a modern addition. About eight minutes.
  5. number6horse

    Tin House Ends Its 20 Year Run

    They received a nice send-off from the New York Times the other day
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    What Are You Reading?

    For the last year, I've slacked off from reading novels and short stories. A subscription to The New Yorker was to blame for that. That's a publication that hits you with so much good writing every week, it's hard to find time for other reading. But I found time here and there. I re-read...
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    The Bukowski Richmond Letters

    "Steve, that I've gotten a couple of books published has nothing to do with it. I could now get broad and easy imagining that I have scope or some damn thing. it won't work." "You got bugs working in you. Congradulations. and I've got to stop crying about my age and my hard luck." Modesty...
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    Another "Bukowski Drank Here" Claim

    And for all I know, it may be true? The "bar in Philly", Musso & Franks, and the Santa Anita racetrack bar(s) get the most mention it seems. According to their Facebook page, you can still get a Budweiser draft for 3 dollars. That's not bad for Hollywood Blvd., no? Literary Bars and Cafes...
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    Joe Frank has died

    I clicked on this hoping that the 70's musical group of douche-bags with the biggest Elvis "soundalike" front-man ever had lost one of their own. But no - the Grim Reaper took the wrong fucking Joe Frank. And I've known of his rep as a storyteller but never got around to actually checking him...
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    What are you listening to? The world really needs to know. #7

    Two songs from the same EP that shows a nice versatility within this Chicago-based band. Sorry but no video of these songs up yet: The Localvores:
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    Cat Person

    I read it and had the exact same reaction. My theory here is that they lowered their standards on purpose because the story's themes of male/female power dynamics, sexual harassment, etc., are too good not to fire up the blogosphere these days and get that title The New Yorker in front of a lot...
  12. number6horse

    A Brief Bookbinder Profile

    This article is almost a year old so I apologize if someone else beat me to posting it here. From LitHub(dot)com: "The Last Bookbinder On The Lower East Side"
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    Joe Rogan Podcast, anyone?

    I like most of what I've heard so far (Dorian Yates, Dan Carlin, Sebastian Junger). Rogan does more listening than talking, which makes him the rare actor/comic who's NOT all about himself. The time frame is a challenge and I'm taking 2 or 3 days to get through one episode. But that's kind of...
  14. number6horse

    Joe Rogan Podcast, anyone?

    I didn't hear of this podcast until the past week when Sturgill Simpson was asked about it during his Facebook Live stream. He said Rogan was a good guy with an entertaining show, but their mistake was meeting an hour beforehand, shooting a game of pool, smoking some "California Mad Scientist"...
  15. number6horse

    What Are You Reading?

    Do it. It's difficult and I freely admit that most of the jokes,references and symbolism went over my head, but I don't regret it. Hell, there's always Cliffs Notes. It's Joyce's sheer love of language and his firepower with imagery that cut through all the academic hoo-ha for me. And Molly's...
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    What are you drinking?

    I've kind of lost my enthusiasm for beer and ale over the last year or two. For much of 2016, I was unemployed or marginally employed and couldn't afford the microbrews or imports I had come to love. But I couldn't stand to return to the Old Style or Hamm's of my impoverished youth any more than...
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    What are you listening to? The world really needs to know. #7

    Sounds like you were enthusiastically embracing the coming CD era ? If so, I salute you. I held on to all my vinyl for no good reason until the mid-2000's. Put the record collection and turntable out in the alley for the neighborhood hipsters. I hope they enjoyed the K-Tel Hits collections and...
  18. number6horse

    Outgrowing Bukowski

    My love for Bukowski hasn't faded as I've grown older (soon to be 55) but it has taken a few downswings in enthusiasm here and there. And those were always my fault because I am definitely a binge-reader and have never learned to say "enough". Maybe at 65...
  19. number6horse

    all things baseball. if you swing that way

    Hmmm... turns out it wasn't a dream.