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  1. number6horse

    Tin House Ends Its 20 Year Run

    They received a nice send-off from the New York Times the other day
  2. number6horse

    Another "Bukowski Drank Here" Claim

    And for all I know, it may be true? The "bar in Philly", Musso & Franks, and the Santa Anita racetrack bar(s) get the most mention it seems. According to their Facebook page, you can still get a Budweiser draft for 3 dollars. That's not bad for Hollywood Blvd., no? Literary Bars and Cafes...
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    A Brief Bookbinder Profile

    This article is almost a year old so I apologize if someone else beat me to posting it here. From LitHub(dot)com: "The Last Bookbinder On The Lower East Side"
  4. number6horse

    Poet Miller Williams Dead at 84

    The American poet Miller Williams has passed away. He wrote in plain language with little ornamentation and was an admirer of Charles Bukowski. Here's the NYT obituary. And here's an example of his work: Going Deaf No matter how she tilts her head to hear she sees the irritation in their...
  5. number6horse

    The Folger Library Never Did This

    Copies of the First Folio to travel the U.S., the District of Columbia, Puerto Rico, and the Virgin Islands in 2016. From the article: "But moving tens of millions of dollars of rare books around the United States for a year sounds like a risk"... Pffft.... they should have consulted some...
  6. number6horse

    Frances Bean Cobain ain't in no mood for that, Miss Lana Del Rey. UNDERSTAND?

    Oh the doomed young lovers... the tragedy of artists dying young... blah, blah, blah.... Frances Bean has had her fill of that nonsense
  7. number6horse

    "Non-Advertising" Advertising By Chipotle

    I want to sneer at this... but George Saunders ? Sara Silverman ? This does kinda pique my curiosity... Details here from NY Times.
  8. number6horse

    You Call That Shit "Country" ?!?!

    An article here on Dale Watson's efforts to preserve honky-tonk, western swing, rockabilly, and outlaw.
  9. number6horse

    Bukowski As Self-Help Guru ?

    There's a bit of pop-psychology fluff to this but I suppose it will attract new readers to Bukowski's work. Charles Bukowski's Tips For Living A Kick-Ass Life
  10. number6horse

    Ginger Baker Doesn't Have Time For Rock Journalism Cliches

    He might come off prickly to some, but I like his honesty in this Rolling Stone interview.
  11. number6horse

    Kim Merker, Printer/Bookmaker, 1932-2013

    from The New York Times: His obituary
  12. number6horse

    Choose Your Reality: God or Photoshop ?

    This may turn out to be an internet hoax, but GODDAMN ... I hope it isn't !
  13. number6horse

    Poetry - Perfectly Explained By McSweeneys

    A handy FAQ guide for all things poetry
  14. number6horse

    Robert Altman - He and I should be so close.....

    Can someone recommend a Robert Altman film that will make me understand him ? Tonight I re-watched "Rashomon"(Kurosawa - 1950) and one of the DVD extras was Altman giving his commentary on the film. In about 5 minutes he summarized everything I love about movies in general and why "Rashomon"...
  15. number6horse

    A Play's Revival in NY

    I was just reading this short review of a play - originally performed 12 years ago - in today's New York Times. Sounds interesting but I wish that it went more into depth. But of course, if you click on the highlighted link "Charles Bukowski" in the review, it takes you to a place that knows...
  16. number6horse

    I Scream, You Scream, We All Scream...

    Anyone up for some ice cream ?
  17. number6horse

    Coming Soon To A Theatre Near You...

    The Brian Wilson story. I liked Owen Braverman's "The Messenger". Hopefully this one turns out as well.
  18. number6horse

    Oh Yeah ! Mel Gibson is BACK, baby !
  19. number6horse

    "Howl" with James Franco ? Please ....

    I did a fast search and didn't see any mention of this film here yet. I know Ginsberg is not popular around here and I'm no big fan of his myself. However, I've always liked "Howl" and was very curious to see what this film might do with the subject matter. Let me sum it up quickly: Franco grew...
  20. number6horse

    Yet Another Legend From Hollywood Park...

    ... after Bukowski, of course. Her name is Zenyatta and she's a 6 year-old mare going for immortality tomorrow. She's trying to post a perfect 20-for-20 career record by winning the Breeders' Cup Classic at Churchill Downs ( Mile-and-1/4 on the dirt ). She likes Guinness and she likes to...
  21. number6horse

    Custom-Made Pillows = Sweet Dreams ?

    I don't want to say that Japanese dudes have weirder fetishes than the rest of us guys, but.... then there's this... :
  22. number6horse

    Combine Music with Rhyming Poetry ?!?!

    Of course not. I would hate that and there's no reason I should like this video clip either. But somehow I do - the rhyme scheme is largely unnoticeable. But the camera work is sweet and tight. And once in awhile, the small things need to be said...
  23. number6horse

    Roger Ebert Tweets Buk Photo

    As many of you know, the film critic Roger Ebert was/is an admirer of both "Barfly" and Bukowski's writing overall. Ebert's Twitter feed is full of interesting things and an hour ago, he posted this pic of our hero. Maybe this photo isn't a new one, but it's a cool one I think...
  24. number6horse

    Teddy Pendergrass 1950-2010

    Just heard the sad news that Teddy Pendergrass has passed away. One of my favorite voices of all time and one of the most soulful in all of R&B. The kind of voice that could overcome 1980's schlock like this: