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    iPad Meets Antique Typewriter

    For you old school types (i think)
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    Comcast: On Demand

    I'm not entirely how far this service stretches through out the Nation but I'm curious as to what like minded readers are enjoying on this thing. What movies, TV shows, documentaries or anything in between have you and/or are you enjoying with it? I get bored surfing it so I'm looking for...
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    GG Allin: "Drink, Fight and Fuck"

    was GG Allin's motto, similarly enough to Buks "Drink, Write and Fuck". I'm not sure if anyone is familiar with the guy or his life story but I am frankly intrigued with him as I am Bukowski. If there is anyone who reminds me of Buk it's this guy, Mr. Allin. He was invited to a University for...
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    Operation Bukowski Inspiration: Song...

    Dog Fashion Disco - Private Eye
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    The Rum Diary

    The Rum Diary is an upcoming film based on the novel of the same name by Hunter S. Thompson. The film is directed by Bruce Robinson and stars Johnny Depp and Amber Heard. Filming began in Puerto Rico in March 2009. It is currently set to be released in 2011. Quoted from Wikipedia...
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    Is graffiti art?

    Is graffiti art?
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    Come on In!

    I was just reading this customer review on Amazon and I thought it would raise some eyebrows here. By Robert P. Beveridge "xterminal" Charles Bukowski, Come on In!: New Poems (Ecco, 2006) The more of Buk's posthumous poetry I read, the more I wonder why anyone buys it. I've long held...
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    elevated liver enzymes

    just got off the phone with my doctor and apparently my enzymes in my liver are elevated. he scheduled me to come back in a month to get another blood test to see what's causing thi i know it's going to be the alcohol and he's going want me cut down on it or even worse, quit. i'm curious as to...
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    After reading Factotum

    I noticed at least 3 of the chapters relating almost entirely to short stories. So I'm left wondering if the short stories were taking from the book or if Bukowski just decided to throw them in being such good stories they were. Any knowledge on this?
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    Supporting Member

    Looking to support. Don't know how. What are the benefits?
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    How should you say "Buk"?

    How Bukowski sometimes referred to himself in his stories and probably what some people called him. I was always under presumption it was pronounced buck but after reading some through this forum I've noticed people refere to him as "Buke" presumed it pronounced buke. Buck or Buke?
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    Looking for used Buk books.

    what do you got and what do you want?
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    Do you think you'd of got along with Buk?

    I'm sure it's gone through 99% of the minds of people who've read and enjoy his works. So I'm wondering if you think you would've and why? I'm sure the majority doesn't believe they would have and I'm curious why wouldn't you have gotten along with him?
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    Hello, my name is Tom

    and I'm a bukaholic. here's my blood. i was actually wearing a yellow bukowski shirt that night that a friend stenciled for me (Bu-kow-ski acrossed the top and a stencil of his face with an orange sun coming around it) the blood mostly came out. my army-like coat is ruined though. i...