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  1. marina del rey

    MILK #3/4 double issue

    MILK #3/4 will be published soon. It will be a special issue co-edited by Abel Debritto and me, and published by Bill Roberts at Bottle of Smoke Press. We are excited to announce that this issue will contain previously unpublished work by the following poets: Alexander Adams Margaret Atwood...
  2. marina del rey

    neither Shakespeare or Mickey Spillane

    Side-by-side comparison scans from version in Rant #1 (Spring 1993) and posthumous version in Sifting Through the Madness... (2003).
  3. marina del rey


    I just got a few very old (18th century) books that have some pretty significant foxing on them. Because I apparently have some sort of compulsive disorder, I want to take a shot at cleaning them up a bit. I know that foxing has been discussed here before and that some of you have had success...
  4. marina del rey

    "Portrait of a Soul..." & "The Terror of Sunlight..." - Intermission, 1966

    From the September 1966 issue of Intermission, published by the Hull House Theater in Chicago. Contains 2 poems, "Portrait of a Soul for Flies" and "The Terror of Sunlight Is People Walking Through Who Were Long Ago Lost in Intention and Who Have Now Turned Into Mobile Shit". "Portrait of a...
  5. marina del rey

    Blues Song - EPOS, 1970

    From EPOS Vol. 22 No. 2, Winter 1970-71.
  6. marina del rey

    The Body in the Square [undated poem]

    Does anyone recognize this poem? I can't find any references to it in the database or anywhere.
  7. marina del rey

    Death Comes Too Slowly... - Canto Vol. 1 No. 3, 1961

    "Death Comes Too Slowly Like Ants Taken to a Fallen Fig" DEATH COMES TOO SLOWLY LIKE ANTS TAKEN TO A FALLEN FIG. mirrors enclose us, I said to the croupier, with the scenery of our despair I slapped a filthy and shuttling thing that ran across my mouth. the cat leaped and snatched it up as...
  8. marina del rey

    Signed stamp

    This isn't a great picture, but the signature looks pretty questionable to me. Not to even mention the fact that it's a Bukowski signature on a Robinson Jeffers stamp. Hand Signed 1st Day of Issue Stamp
  9. marina del rey

    Play the Piano - fake drawings?

    I think these drawings are forgeries. And not very good ones. Play the Piano... - 3 drawings
  10. marina del rey

    agnostic - Stance 3, 1982

    From Issue #3 of Stance, edited by Steve Richmond. This issue contains only 3 poets - Bukowski, Richmond and William Wantling. The Wantling section just consists of letters he wrote to Richmond in the 60's.
  11. marina del rey

    Speaking of Drinking... - Gypsy #3, 1985

    Appeared in the third issue of Gypsy magazine, edited by Belinda Subraman & S. Ramnath in Schwabach, Germany in 1985.
  12. marina del rey

    Notes of a Dirty Old Man - fake signature?

    I'm pretty certain that this is fake. Ebay listing - Notes of a Dirty Old Man
  13. marina del rey

    please liberate yourselves as you promised to do - Transit #1, 1993

    From the first issue of Transit, edited by Kevin Ring.
  14. marina del rey

    New quarterly poetry magazine: MILK #1 - Call for submissions

    Two of's own have teamed together to create a new quarterly poetry magazine called MILK. chronic and I recently began work on the first issue, which will be published this summer. We are now ready to begin accepting submissions. Please check out the 'submissions' link on the new...
  15. marina del rey

    I Am Afraid That I Will Continue To Drink Myself To Death... - Kauri #11, 1965

    The full title is "I Am Afraid That I Will Continue To Drink Myself To Death For These Small Reasons Mentioned Here And For Other Reasons That Neither Of Us Has Time For Because I Have The Need To Get Drunk Now". It appeared in Kauri #11 in 1965.
  16. marina del rey

    show time - Twister #2, 1993

    From the second issue of the UK periodical, Twister. There's no date anywhere to be found in the issue, but my best guess is that it's from 1993.
  17. marina del rey

    It Catches My Heart in Its Hands

    I'm selling a copy of It Catches on eBay. 1 of 777, signed, and this one is the blue cover variant. Here's the link.
  18. marina del rey

    Most overrated bands/performers

    As a counterbalance to the thread about the most underrated acts, here are my top 10 overrated ones: 1. The Rolling Stones 2. U2 3. Bruce Springsteen 4. Radiohead 5. Pink Floyd 6. Nickelback 7. The Who 8. Metallica 9. Dave Matthews 10. Aerosmith Honorable Mention: Jimmy Buffett
  19. marina del rey

    Post Office - fake inscription?

    Looks questionable to me. Post Office - 1st Edition inscribed
  20. marina del rey

    Regular Grind: The Coffee Life - Hiram Poetry Review #4, 1968

    From the Hiram Poetry Review #4 in 1968.
  21. marina del rey

    Bukowski's Thoughts to Live By - High Times, 1983

    Notes of a Dirty Old Man column titled "Ecce Hetero" from the February 1983 issue of High Times.
  22. marina del rey

    Them Crooked Vultures

    Ordinarily, I don't get very psyched for 'supergroups' like this because they're usually a letdown (I'm looking at you, Velvet Revolver). But any group that has a member of Led Zep will get my attention, and I've been waiting on this album to come out for a while. Throw in Dave Grohl, and I...
  23. marina del rey

    Just Another Wino - Hiram Poetry Review #5, 1968

    From The Hiram Poetry Review #5.
  24. marina del rey

    "Watchdog" & "Age" - Ole #1, 1964

    Two uncollected poems from Ole #1. Fogel lists the magazine as containing only 2 poems, but there is a third, "Freedom," which appears in The Days Run Away. I've also attached an advertisement (titled "Plea of Earnest") and Bukowski's bio from that issue.